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  Hints and Tips for: Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition 
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 Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition Cheats

Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition

Cheat Codes:
While playing, type any of these codes to get the desired effect. 

Code          Effect

dnkroz        - God mode
dncornholio   - Same as above
dnhyper       - Instant steroids!
dnclip        - Walk through SOME walls
dnstuff       - All keys, ammo, weapons, and items
dnitems       - Full armor and all keys
dnkeys        - All keys
dnweapons     - All weapons and ammo
dndebug       - Just shows info, not needed...
dncoords      - Display coordinates
dnshowmap     - Display entire map
dnunlock      - Toggle all doors
dnscotty###   - Warp to episode #, level ##
dninventory   - All inventory
dnmonsters    - Toggle monsters on/off
dncashman     - Throw cash when spacebar ispressed
dnending      - End episode
dneat         - Full health
dnnuk         - Full ammo
dnskill #     - 0-nomonster 1-4 is skill level
dnview        - Same as F7
dnrate        - Displays frame rate
dncosmo       - Displays "Register Cosmo today!"
dnbeta        - Displays "Pirates Suck!"
dntime        - Displays a message
dntodd        - Displays a message

Exploding Pigs 
This trick only works in the 4th episode (Plutonium Pack.) If you get behind 
a pig cop tank you should see an atomic  symbol. Run into it and press spacebar
to make the tank self-destruct. 

God Mode on "Damn I'm Good" Setting 
Start a new game on the "Come Get Some" setting. Next, enter the god 
mode code and start a new game in "Damn I'm Good" mode.Enjoy! 

Hidden Items: 
On the last level of the third episode, look up and you'll see a blimp that says 
"Duf Beer.". If you shoot it with your missle launcher, it will explode and lots 
of ammo, health packs, and other helpful items will fall onto the field. 

Multiple Pipebombs: 
To throw multiple pipebombs before detonating, throw a bomb, then press 6 and 
throw another one. Continue to do this until you've placed enough. You can now 
detonate them all. Be sure to get undercover first. Enough pipebombs can cause 
a *lot* of damage. 

Night on the Town:
Submitted by:  F. Leighton

After "dncashman - Throw cash when spacebar is pressed", go up to the dancing 
girls in Red Light District. Throw some of those $$ bills in the air. The girls 
will put on a special show!

Hidden message:
Hold [Shift] and type F*. 

Double Mighty Foot:
Press 1 to get your Mighty Foot weapon. Press ~ + [Ctrl] and you will see Duke 
kicking with both of his feet. This works well when you have no ammo.

Mighty Foot: This is not the greatest weapon. All you do is kick. If you do not have 
a gun, get one or you can die. This weapon is not so bad all the time. It is good four 
kicking things open such as trash cans with items inside or kicking weak enemies out 
of your way using Mighty Foot engaged (with ~). 

Pistol: Nothing special. It is basically your starting weapon. It is adequate for 
shooting weak enemies, but not good for shooting pig cops or stronger enemies all 
next to each other. You must reload with this gun, and if there are five pig cops 
on you, Duke will die unless you know how to dodge well. 

Shotgun: This is a great gun. It delivers all this power into your enemies. You can 
kill aliens with handguns in one shot and almost everything else in two to four shots.
However you must reload each shot repeatedly. If you have a lot of enemies on you, this
is not the best gun to kill them all. You can either die or lose a lot of health. 

Ripper/Chain Gun: This gun is automatic. It shoots bullets as strong as the pistol 
except a lot faster with no reloading. This gun is good for almost anything. It is 
best for killing enemies surrounding you because you can kill them faster and save 
a lot of health. 

RPG: This is the strongest gun in the game. However, just because it is strong does 
not mean it is usable all the time. It has its ups and downs. This gun is great for 
killing strong enemies from pig cops to Bosses, or all the little aliens with pistols 
all bunched together. Note: Do not waste a single shot on a single alien with a pistol. 
This gun is not good for shooting at fast, swift enemies, such as the ones that scratch 
you and shrink you, and the pig cops in the airplanes. It also is anything but good for 
shooting nearby enemies, especially when they are in front of you. You will lose a lot 
health or become a big pile of blood. Use this at a distance. 

Pipe Bombs: They have a lot of uses. It is an explosive that you can set off at any 
time desired. It is useful for breaking holes in the walls and killing enemies below 
you (by dropping one or more). You can also throw more than one. To do this, throw the 
bomb. You will see the detonator. Press 6 again and you will see another bomb. 
This weapon is great when used correctly. Do not use it when there is more than one 
enemy in front of you, unless you know they will all die in one blast. Pipe Bombs do 
not do as much damage as the RPG. 

Shrinker: This gun is great. Shoot it at your enemy until he shrinks and step on him. 
Note: You cannot shrink Bosses. Make sure that you are not shrunk and there are enemies 
around you. If you are, run away. Sometimes you will need to shrink yourself to progress 
through the game. You will need to go through very small holes. When you shrink yourself 
or an enemy, they will not remain shrunk forever. If your enemies are shrunk, squish 
them quickly. If you are shrunk and are in a small hole, get though quickly. You could 
grow back to normal size and die. Note: This weapon can reflect off a mirror. If you 
see you or an alien in the mirror, shoot at the reflection until it works. 

Expander: This gun does the opposite of shrinking. It blows up enemies like balloons 
until they get so big they just explode with blood spewing everywhere. They also will 
explode in flames; so blow up them up at a distance. Note: This weapon can reflect off 
a mirror. If you see you or an alien in the mirror, shoot at the reflection until it 

Devastator: This gun is probably the best for killing enemies. Each individual shot 
is about half of an RPG shot, however it is automatic. It shoots just as fast as a 
Ripper. However, the gun itself and ammo are rare, and you could hold only 99 shots
instead of 200 like the Ripper. When you get the Devastator, do not use it on every 
enemy you see. Wait until you need it the most. Use it on very strong enemies such 
as the ones that shrink you to Bosses. This gun is best for Bosses; the second best 
is the RPG. You can shoot four or five Devastator shots in the time it would take 
for one RPG shot. 

Trip Bombs: This bomb explodes as soon as you or an enemy crosses the wire. It is a 
good trap. The aliens are stupid enough to go through it. You will see wires set up 
for you. You must jump over or crawl under it or you can blow up and die. Sometimes 
it is impossible to do either because there are more than one placed. You may need 
to shoot at them with an explosive to get them out of your way, or you could wait 
for the alien on the other side to walk into them. 

Freezer: This is the gun Mr. Freeze uses. This gun is similar to the Shrinker. It 
cannot only bounce off mirrors but can also bounce off walls. Be careful when freezing.
Instead of shrinking, it freezes enemies, holding them in place. You could kick or 
shoot the frozen enemy to shatter them to pieces. Like the Shrinker, they will not 
stay frozen forever. Shatter the frozen enemy quickly.

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