Dukes of Hazzard - Racing for Home Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dukes of Hazzard - Racing for Home 
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 Dukes of Hazzard - Racing for Home Cheats

Dukes of Hazzard - Racing for Home

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

* Click the M key to activate your rearview mirror at the beginning of
  every mission, or you'll never know if your poor car control is a 
  result of the game's physics model and keyboard driving, or some 
  brutish rube's silent but annoying attempt to rear-end you. 

* If you're trying to keep up with another car and have the opportunity
  to pass it, do it. You'll undoubtedly be warned against it, but you'd
  best ignore the warning because you need every speed advantage you 
  can get. Make sure to keep him in your rearview mirror in case he 
  takes an alternate route, though you'll know exactly where he's headed
  in advance if you've driven the mission a couple of times. 

* Keyboard driving is a distinctive skill. The best idea is to "feather"
  the controls; tapping the steering and braking keys works much better 
  than holding them down.

Extra power-ups:
Collect a power-up, then leave that location and return. The power-up 
will reappear and may be collected again. Note: The maximum number of 
nitros that may be collected is five. 

Keep Luke hanging out of the window:
When Luke is hanging out of the window, you will need to go drive slower, 
or he will go back inside the car. Likewise, if you hit anything hewill 
go back inside.

Fastest car:
The fastest car is the "Ace of Spades". It can be unlocked by completing 
the game under any difficulty setting. 

Hidden fairgrounds nitro:
A hidden nitro may be found at the fairgrounds on any mode. Get to the 
point with two jumps and an orange fence. A nitro power-up can be seen 
on the other side of the fence. Drive through the orange fence to collect

Beating Black Jack:
In Episode 7, Scenes 1, 2, and 3, you can go ahead of younger Black Jack,
but not too far. You can beat him to where he needs to go (listen to Luke
for when you need to turn).

Fairgrounds shortcut:
There is a shortcut in the fairgrounds on any two player mode. The shortcut
is located towards the end of the lap. As soon as you start seeing the 
audience, there is a small road on the right with a road block. You can
zigzag through the road block and use the ramps to jump over more of the
road blocks along the shortcut. It leads to the start/finish line. 
The shortcut can also be used while racing the other cars.

Losing the police:
When chased by the police, you can cut them off by hitting them on the 
back when they try to cut you off.

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