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  Hints and Tips for: Dungeon Master 2 
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 Dungeon Master 2 Cheats

Dungeon Master 2

Cheat Codes:
Here is a list of the spells: 
(some of these will work in Dungeon Master 1)
Power:     LO  UM  ON   EE   PAL MON
Element:   YA  VI  OH   FUL  DES ZO
Form:      VEN EW  KATH IR   BRO GOR
(* = not active in DMII)

YA           Priest  Stamina Potion
YA IR        Priest  Shield (Party)
YA BRO       Priest  Shield Potion
YA BRO ROS   Priest  Footprints              *
YA BRO DAIN  Priest  Wisdom Potion
YA BRO NETA  Priest  Vitality Potion
VI           Priest  Healing Potion
VI BRO       Priest  Cure Poison Potion
OH           Wizard  Confusion  ?            *
OH VEN       Wizard  Poison Cloud
OH EWRA      Wizard  See Through Walls       *
OH EW SAR    Wizard  Invisibility
OH KATH RA   Wizard  Lightning Bolt
OH IR RA     Wizard  Strong Light
OH BRO ROS   Priest  Dexterity Potion
OH GOR KU    ?       ?                       *
OH GOR ROS   ? Blinks Hidden Doors  ?        *
OH GOR DAIN  ?         ?                     *
OH KATH SAR  Wizard  Monster Confusion
FUL          Wizard  Light/Magic Torch
FULL IR      Wizard  Fireball
FUL BRO KU   Priest  Strength Potion
FUL BRO NETA Priest  Fire Shield
DES VEN      Wizard  Poison Bolt
DES EW       Wizard  Dispel/Weaken/Harm Non-Material Beings
DES IR SAR   Priest  Darkness
ZO           Wizard  Open Door
ZO VEN       Wizard  Poison Bomb Potion      *
ZO KATH RA   Wizard  Create Plasma (ZOKATHRA) Object  *
ZO IR NETA   ?        ?                      *
ZO BRO RA    Priest  Mana Potion

 Spells New to DMII:
YA EW        Wizard  Magic Marker (Replaces ZO KATH RA & can be 
                     seen on map)
YA IR DAIN   Priest  Spell Shield
OH EW KU     Priest  Aura of Strength
OH EW ROS    Priest  Aura of Dexterity
OH EW DAIN   Priest  Aura of Wisdom
OH EW NETA   Priest  Aura of Vitality
OH KATH KU   Wizard  Push
OH KATH ROS  Wizard  Pull
OH IR ROS    Wizard  Accelerate Party
ZO EW KU     Wizard  Summon Attack Minion
ZO EW ROS    Priest  Summon Porter/Carry Minion
ZO EW NETA   Priest  Summon Guard Minion
ZO BRO ROS   Wizard  Reflector (Reflects enemy spells)

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