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  Hints and Tips for: Dungreed 
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 Dungreed Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Understanding Stats:
Written by YellowAfterlife

Since the game doesn't always clarify how exactly things work, may as well.

-=Damage Resist and Defense=-
The general logic is as following.

-=Damage reduction is set to Toughness stat.=-
Defense is added/subtracted from reduction via (incomingDamage * log(defense / 10 + 1) 
/ 3.2). Now, assuming that you don't want to pull up a calculator for this, 
what this means is:

0 defense has no effect on damage reduction
5 defense cuts 12.6% of damage
10 defense cuts 21.6% of damage
15 defense cuts 28.6% of damage
20 defense cuts 34.3% of damage
25 defense cuts 39.1% of damage
30 defense cuts 43.3% of damage
40 defense cuts 50.2% of damage
60 defense cuts 60.8% of damage
85 defense cuts 70.3% of damage

Negative defense subtracts from damage reduction (but keep in mind that this is still 
after Toughness was added) As can be seen, defense grows gradually less efficient, 
which both means that it doesn't make sense to get your DEF too high, and also that y
ou'd need to have -236 DEF to get hit for 2x damage.

Damage reduction is subtracted from damage.

If damage is less than 1 after this, it's set to 1.

-=Elemental Effects=-
* Burn causes 4 damage every second for 3-4 seconds.
* Poison causes 1 damage every second for 10 seconds.
* Electric causes target's armor to be ignored for 4 seconds.
* Stun prevents target from moving or attacking for 1 second.
* Frost slows the target for 5 seconds.

Elemental stats displayed on items and acquired via food add up as a % chance to 
apply the according debuff.

Elemental resistance cuts into probability check, which is "if random number between 
(target's resistance) and 100 is less than (chance to apply debuff), apply debuff". 
So, if target has a 15% chance to apply poison, and you have 10% poison resist, the 
odds of getting the debuff would be (15-10)/(100-10) = 5/90.

Unfortunately, numeric values for resist stats aren't shown anywhere, so it is not 
clear whether this is worth pursuing as such.

-=Evade and Block=-
Both Evade and Block stats offer a fixed chance to avoid damage completely.

This comes off as an interesting combination aside of normal defense/toughness stats, 
as it is possible to get your evasion up to 70..80% by the end of the game via food 

A thing to note, however - for damage sources that can hit multiple times 
(mostly beams of various kinds), if you evade the first hit, you can still be hit 

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