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  Hints and Tips for: Dungeon Siege 
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 Dungeon Siege Cheats

Dungeon Siege

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: yong

Press (Enter) during game play and type (Plus) followed by
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding 
cheat function. To disable a code, type (Minus) followed 
by the code.

Effect                                  Code
999999 Gold                           - checksinthemail
Six powerful summoning                - sixdemonbag
Big character                         - maxjooky
Max Stats & Damages                   - drdeath
Record a movie                        - movie
100 meter range for all bows          - sniper
Invincibility                         - zool
Enable mouse                          - mouse
3 super health & 3 super mana potions - potionaholic
Always Chunky                         - chunkey 
Chunk factor                          - superchunky
Game version                          - version
Max Damage                            - drdeath
Clicks not required                   - shootall
No fog                                - loefervision
No textures                           - xrayvision
Char very small                       - minjooky
Char very big                         - maxjooky
Enable selection rings                - rings
Full set of badger weapons, armor     - faertehbadgar
100 meter range for all attacks       - sniper
3 Super Health and 3 Super Mana       - potionaholic
Slightly larger labels over head      - resizelabels

Level up magic:
Find a monster with long range attack, then put your person with the 
best defense up front to be hit by it. Have him/her on defense so they
will not attack the monster. When he/she is lowered to half life, your
healer will heal him and your healer's mana should be restored before 
the person getting hit needs to be healed again. You can leave and do 
something else while you wait for your healer to level up. 

Location of the Townstones in multi-player mode:
Meren     - In the Cloud Forest. 
Lang      - Inside the Flooded Temple. 
Crystwind - In the Crystwind Old Mines outside of town.
Elddim    - In the Crypts. 
Fallraen  - In the Ice Cave after the Furok Cave. 
Hiroth    - At the location where the Hiroth stone would go, in the 
            spot where you put the eight stones. 

Bypass introduction sequence:
Start the game with the "\dungeon siege\dungeonsiege.exe" 
nointro=true command. 

Remove extra graphics:
Press [Enter] during game play and type [Minus] followed by gui. The character 
pictures, compass, buttons, and everything except for what is actually going on
in the game will disappear. You also will not be able to see what you are typing
when you press [Enter]. Use the +gui code to return to normal.

High resolution mode:
Start the game with the "\dungeon siege\dungeonsiege.exe" 
height=1200 width=1600 command. Click "OK" on the warning message to play the 
game in high resolution mode. 

Windowed mode:
Start the game with the "\dungeon siege\dungeonsiege.exe" 
fullscreen=false command. 

Finding the Pyramids in Grescal:
Turn on your audio and listen for wind. The wind signifies being near the Pyramids.
To get to the lost Pyramids in Grescal, first go west for awhile to reach the Mesa 
Desert. After that, go south to reach a Resurrection Shrine. Next, go exactly in 
the direction that the shrines are facing (not exactly south but almost). After a 
few minutes you will reach the Pyramids. To get to the Pyramids in Grescal, just go
due southwest from the H.U.B. platform.

Start anywhere:
Note that when you go into a game, it automatically saves your starting location. Go
into a regular game and select the town you wish to start from in the Veteran or Elite
game. Then, join the game fully. Quit immediately after entering the town, then go to 
a Veteran or Elite game. You must be able to at least play Veteran or Elite to do this.
The town you started from will be pre-selected. Do not touch the town start menu and 
join. You will be in the town of your choice, regardless of level. 
Note: You cannot use the HUB to get out of the town if you are not normally able to
go there.

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