Dust - A Tale of the Wired West Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Dust - A Tale of the Wired West 
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 Dust - A Tale of the Wired West Cheats

Dust - A Tale of the Wired West

Cheat Codes:
These MUST be done in the correct order 
The order is the same as that in which 
they appear in the book...

1. The Flute:

Stand in front of the hallway marked winter. 
Click on the dias, and align the symbols for 
winter, then the crescent moon with black on 
the left, and finally the picture of sunrise. 
Now go down the winter passage. You should come 
to a room where all you can do is click on a small 
pillar in the lower right of your screen. Click it. 
Place the flute in the hole. Then, you must play 
the right sequence to cross the chasm. 3,5,2,4,1 
I'm pretty's easy to figure out.

2. The Dagger:

Stand in front of the hallway marked summer. 
Click on the dias, and align the symbols for summer, 
the black moon, and the noon sun. Now go down the 
summer passage. You should come to a room with a 
serpent at one end. When you are just inside the door, 
turn around. Click on the obvious button to the right 
of the doorway. 
Now for the trickiest puzzle. Notice first that the 
button is labeled with the symbol for "echo." 
Aha you say, easy! A quick and easy way to do it is 
available. Write down how many times each disc turns 
clockwise. Now subtract each of these numbers from 6 
to obtain seven new numbers. (if a disk does not move, 
don't move it, it's just simpler that way). 
With the seven new numbers, turn each disk clockwise 
the same number of times as its corresponding number. 
When turning the center disk, it should finally become 
the right pattern. Now press the button on the right 

3. The Mask

Stand in front of the hallway marked fall. Click on 
the dias, and align the symbols for fall, the crescent 
with black to the right, and the crescent sun. 
Now go down the fall passage. You should enter a 
maze/mine. Use the mask, by selecting it in your 
inventory, to guide you. Its eyes will glow red, and 
it will nod in the direction you should turn each time 
you approach an intersection. Once you find the skeleton, 
put the mask on its face.

4. The "Silver Turkey," or Evil Sky

Stand in front of the hallway marked spring. 
Click on the dias, and align the symbols for spring, 
the full moon, and the sunrise. Now go down the spring 
passage. You should come to a room with a pillar in 
front of you. Click on the pillar and place the "silver 
turkey" into the obvious spot. The correct combination 
reads, from left to right, "mesa" "bird" "open" "evil" 
Once these four are accomplished, *in this order* you 
should be able to talk to the man with the funny headgear 
that you should have seen walking away following each of 
the accomplished tasks.

Easy money:
Get all of your money, then save the game. Go to the saloon then find 
the blackjack table. Bet all of your money. If you win and double your 
money, save the game and repeat. If you lost, exit the game and reload 
the game prior to where you gambled, then try again.

Hidden message:
Look around the town when you first arrive. On a wall, you can see the 
message "Macintosh is a bitc*" (with "bitc*" blurred out).

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