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  Hints and Tips for: Dust to the End 
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 Dust to the End Cheats

Dust to the End

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Defeating Great Beastbug Guide:
Written by ???

I have found a task of defeating great beastbug to be extremely hard, so 
i decided to make this guide to help out people.

-=Finding The Bug=-
Here is how to find it: go to the town mentioned in mission description. From 
there, open a map and set up one pin in 2000 km to the west, and another one to 
1500 km. Then, set two other pins in the 200 km to the top and bottom of the 
center between two initial pins. The beast's lair will be in the top right part 
of this perimeter, you will find it easily.

You'll need around 3000-5000 fuel for the travel and around 500-800 of water 
and food. Defeating the bug will give you additional 2000 fuel. I reccomend 
establishing an underground base in the west of near populated areas and 
building and upgrading a control center in it as much as you can so that the 
way back would be cheaper.

-=Defeating the Bug=-
I have defeated it with a party of mercenaries that i hired in the first village. 
They aren't perfect warriors, i think only stats matter, not perks and you can 
reset stats of any character if you buy a "gene replacer" in the black market of 
late game cities.

-=Here is how i did it:=-
Whole party was leveld to maximum 10 lvl and everybody has been reset to 15-20
 constitution and 20 perception and everybody was equipped best /almost best 
SUBmachine-guns (except main character: he had titanium crossbow IV, because 
it is most powerful weapon damage-wise).

You can get submachine guns of highest grade randomly by defeating level 9 
robbers and bandits.

The reason is that submachine weapons have highest speed (that means your 
characters attack first) and still deal great damage (especially second skill 
(~450 dmg) - if characters have amazing happines synergy almost every turn 
they should have action points, but regular attack is good too (~350 dmg)).

The tactic is to focus ranged bug first and then main bug (he dies in 3-4 turns, 
depending on amount of times your ~90% hit chance imbeciles are going to be 
missing), healing characters that get damage immediately (corrosion is extremely
dangerous), and then it is done. Did it first try after deciding to attempt the 
beast since last time he demolished my party when i didn't have all submachines.

Your success will depend on how many times main bug will decide to attack your
characters instead of buffing his own, which i think he prefers more, so never 
focus lesser melee bugs first.

-=The Reward=-
For the reward you will get a one-time consumable that adds a whopping forty 
health points to a single character of your choice (it is used in same way as
other healing consumables). 

I have to remind you that the same boss you will be fighting to get that 
consumable will deal a 700 damage in a single attack to a row of your characters 
and a ranged bug corrosion damage deals 500, so you can imagine how much these 
40 hp will come in handy in later game.

Besides that, if you decide to help Sword of Justice organization move from the 
desert (one of the story choices), you will be able to get the same quest to 
defeat the bug in one of the big towns north-east from initial SoJ base.

So, essentially, you can get two of these overpowered permanent buffs for your 
characters (defeating the bug bears no effect on the main story).

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