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  Hints and Tips for: Dysmantle 
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 Dysmantle Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Bizilux

Here you can find some useful tips and trick about gameplay.

-=Gameplay Tips and Tricks=-
* When you see a deer on screen or yellow dot on minimap, stop running, and 
  lock on to the deer (middle mouse button) and throw knives.
* To get rubber: use machete on tires.
* There is an option to stop zombie respawns after you go to campfire/die. 
  But you unlock it later on after a few hours.
* You need to select gatherer 1 perk, to be able to cook with mushrooms/eggs etc.

-=How to get hide=-
Kill deer or wolves. Open timed chests (find closest camp site, camp then run directly 
as fast as you can to the chest. It'll either open or tells you how many seconds you 
missed the mark. Try again until you get there fast enough.) or use wishing wells 
(you need to bring it resources it shows in your backpack. It'll give you choice of 3 
other resources in exchange). 
Killing deer using 3 throwing knifes is the best way that found until you unlock bombs.

-=How can you open timed chests=-
You need to use the nearest campfire (so everything respawns and timers reset) and run 
directly to the chest as fast as you can ignoring everything else. Chest will either 
open or tell you how many seconds you missed the mark.


1. Clear the area of obstacles first (breakable items).
Like chairs and tables, etc., This will allow you to get to the chest faster since there 
will be less items blocking your path). The first chest you can practice with is located 
at the Evacuation Site (next area after you exit the tutorial area), where you encounter 
your first tanky zombie mob (no skin, takes 4 knives to down)

2. Then memorizing the path that you will be taking to get to the chest and practice 
running to it.
Often there will be mobs (zombies, dogs, etc.) on the path to the chest, Ignore the mobs 
if possible if not practice rolling in the right moment to get past them.

-=How to kill wildlife early=-
For wildlife use knife. Mostly 3 knives work better than 1.

-=How to plant seeds=-
Seeds can be planted after you have tilled the ground with hoe. 
Tillable ground can be found at farms of which there are few around the map right now.

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