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  Hints and Tips for: Edgar Torronteras Extreme Biker 
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 Edgar Torronteras Extreme Biker Cheats

Edgar Torronteras Extreme Biker

Submitted by: RM

More Points in Jump:
Press the "Pre-Jump" button when you jump to get 
more time in the air to do your tricks.

Special Bike
The secret bike is a selectable bike that gives you 100 points on 
everything. In order to get the bike, you need to go to "Jellystone" 
under Motocross. Now, in the track, find the trolly line that runs 
from the top of the the mountain down to the bottom, and go to the 
bottom. There should be a bridge right before (on the track) you get 
to the end of the line, go across it at about 50-70mph and instead of 
turning to the right, go straight up the small little hill directly 
ahead of you, and try to land on top of the little bridge. You will 
want to go a little to the left, but practice and you will land on 
top of it. Now, once you are on top, you will see a little red 
spinning ball, drive through it and you got the bike. Make sure when 
you go through, that it says that you have unlocked the bike. Now, go
to the bike selection screen, and you will see a tab with 4 question 
marks (????), click on it and you got the bike. There is another way 
to do this, however it is harder. Go to the top of the mountain where 
the trolley line starts and go behind the little shack thing. You 
will see that there is a jeep parked against the back of it. Go back 
a little bit, and face it directly. Once you start going, use your 
prejump to land on the top of the jeep and then ride up onto the top 
of the little shack. Next, align your bike straight with the trolley 
line and drive across it down to the bottom. Note: When running down 
the line, the trolley will be moving also, and if you hit the top of 
it, you will fall off. In order to make it across, you need to get 
the bike as straight as possible, and go as fast as you can. 
Right before the trolley hits you, prejump and you will jump over 
it and make it across.

Hidden Track 1 – Titan:
This track is very easy to get. Select Eifle Trifle from the Motocross 
menu, and go to the near end of the track where there is a crooked jump.
You will know what jump I am talking about. Next hit that jump around 
60-65mph and make sure you hit it to the left and land on the second 
layer of the building (there are two layers, the second is the higher 
one). Next, go straight across the top of the building, at the end you 
will see a ramp, hit this. You will land on top of another building (if 
you hit it fast enough). Haul ass to the end of this one also, and hit 
the ramp a tad to the left. Why? Cause if you will past the ramp, there
is another ramp on the next building that leads to the top of the 
skyscraper, you need to land on this ramp, and drive up. Make sure you 
are going as fast as you can, and line it up! I recommend a 250, or a 
custom that is equivalent. Once you have landed on the ramp leading to 
the top (may take a few tries), ride up it slowly, and dont go over the 
top! Once you are at the top, care fully transfer to the building roof. 
Once your on, look around, you will see a walking zombie, ride through 
him and you will unlock the track, "Titan". 
You can find it under Freestyle.

3 Extra Bike Points:
Once again, choose the Eifle Trifle track under Motocross. This one is easy, 
but takes precision. Follow the instructions above (Hidden Track 1 - Titan), 
and follow it up until you find the part where you have to land on the ramp 
leading to the top of the building. Now, once you’re ready to jump onto the 
ramp, don't! Instead, jump straight off the ramp, and land on the building 
ahead, instead on the ramp. Once on top of the building, go left, and you 
will see an adjacent building, a little lower that's in the shape of a 90º 
angle. Lightly go and land on it, follow it to the end, and you will find 
a long ramp. Hits this quite slow, but not to slow and directly past that 
you will see the finish line arch, that is your target. You need to land 
on it, so practice and you will get it. After you have made it on top, 
you will see a silver spinning ball, hit this and you will be rewarded 3 
extra bike points. 

Hidden Track 2 - Heavy Metal:
Select Phantasy Isle from the Motocross menu. Once the game starts right off 
the track to the beach. Follow the beach until you see this weird alien 
spaceship thing. Right before in front of the ship there are two sandpits. 
Go to the farthest one up, and climp up the hill behind it a little ways. 
Now point directly at the ships "leg" that is closest to you, and descend 
down the hill and hit the gas. You will go to the the end of the pit where 
there is a little bump this, prejump on this to clear the water below and 
land on the spaceship leg. Slowly go across the top and over to the other 
side, there you will find a wirlpool. Go down onto the leg closest to the 
wirlpool, and then punch the gas and prejump to land into the pool. If you 
landed in it, then you will get a message telling you, that you have unlocked 
a hidden track.

Hidden Track 3 - Hamster Hill
Select the Badlands under the Freestyle menu. As soon as you enter the track,
you will see a hill to your immediate left. That is the hill you need to 
conquer. But, you cannot climb it because if you try you will crash. So in 
order to make it on top, be sure you have the ‘special bike’. Now, when you 
enter the track, go straight ahead and you will see a bridge made out of a 
half pipe. Go across it to the other side and turn around. You will need as 
much speed as you can get, but you will also need to turn well, so find the 
right ratio. Once across, build up your speed and go across again, but don't
go all the way, you need to go on the left side, then turn hard right and 
jump up the side of the pipe on the right and fly over to the top of the 
mountain. This is very hard and takes practice. And if you can't make it, then 
you can land on the pipes that are right next to it (you'll need to jump up 
the same way and land on the pipes instead of the top of the hill, plus the 
pipes are closer anyhow). If you successfully landed on top of the pipes, then 
you can follow them up and they will set you on top of the mountain. Either 
way you do it, as soon as you’re on top, there will be a giant hamster head, 
run through it and you will unlock Hamster Hill, you can find it under the 
freestyle tracks.

Find The Eiffel Tower:
Select the Eifle Trifle Track. Go through the course until you reach the roof 
of the building with the helicopter. Keep going, jump the ramp to the next 
building, the one with the 2 ramps leading up to another roof, and go down 
to the roof right after that. This is the roof with the signs with the 
pointing arrows (to the left) and a small ramp to hit another roof, but be 
sure to stay on the one and not jump to the next. Make sure that you are 
using the special bike and go to the opposite side of the roof as the signs 
with the arrows, now, head straight through the middle of the 2 signs and 
prejump to land on the roof straight across. You need to be going fast and 
prejump at the perfect spot or otherwise you won't make it. This is going 
to take you a few tries, but you will get it. Next, after you made the jump,
look down to where the ground looks like the sky and jump down. After your 
down there just follow the sides of the building and you will end up in 
front of the Eifle Tower.

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