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  Hints and Tips for: Ember Knights 
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 Ember Knights Cheats

Ember Knights

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Copy Save Files for Co-Op:
Written by Stale Pasta

For Ember Knights players, this guide will show you how to copy your friends 
save file to get around the fact that only the host gets progress in 

-=Where to find it, and how to copy=-
The host needs to follow this directory found below.

Either go to…

Drive->Program Files->Steam->Steamapps->Common->Emberknights->EmberKnights 64 Data
->Save Data

Or simply copy and paste the below into your directory…

\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\EmberKnights\EmberKnights_64_Data\SaveData

Once in the save data folder copy "rog.dat" and send it to the person who wants a copy 
of that save file. Discord is the easiest way, but you can send it any way you want. 
Note the Syntax above might be a bit different depending on your operating system, 
but the general path should roughly be the same.


From this point on this is all from the perspective of the guest. 
The host does not need to do any of this.

Once the guest has received the "rog.dat" file, make sure the game is closed and 
have the guest paste it into their save data folder, replacing the old one if there 
is one.

Next the guest needs to go to their library -> right click on Ember Knights -> Properties 
-> Turn off Steam Sync for Ember Knights. This will stop the game from trying to load 
the guests old save file in the cloud when you boot the game back up.

The guest should now load up the game. Check to make sure you have any unlocks/ember 
that you unlocked while playing with the host by going to the compendium and the ember 
tree. If everything you want is there, leave the game running -> go to steam library 
-> right click ember knights -> turn steam sync back on. Then close the game using 
the games menus. This will prompt steam to upload your current save to the cloud 
replacing any old save you might have had.

If the above process doesn’t work, then try again but instead of just closing the 
game after checking, try doing a run and dying. Then close the game.

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