Empire Earth - Art Of Conquest Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Empire Earth - Art Of Conquest 
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 Empire Earth - Art Of Conquest Cheats

Empire Earth - Art Of Conquest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Domin

During gameplay press ENTER then enter a cheat below for 
the desired effect:

Code                            Result  
creatine                      - Get 1000 iron 
you said wood                 - Get 1000 Wood 
rock&roll                     - Get 1000 rock 
atm                           - Get 1000 gold 
my name is methos             - Get all resources and show map 
ahhhcool                      - Lose game 
somebody set up the bomb      - Win game 
boston rent                   - All gold gone 
the big dig                   - all resources gone 
display cheat                 - shows cheats 
friendly skies                - Planes refuel in mid air 
mine your own business        - 0 rock 
girlyman                      - 0 iron 
slimfast                      - 0 food 
coffee train                  - Health for all player units 
brainstorm                    - Faster building 
headshot                      - all object gone 
uh, smoke?                    - All wood gone 
asus drivers                  - show map 
boston food sucks             - Get 1000 Food 
all you base are belong to us - Get 10,000 everything 
                                (or all your base are 
                                belong to us) 
i have the power              - Magic/power set to max 
columbus                      - Animals & fish appear 
the quotable patella          - Units upgraded

Turn on all cheats: 
Submitted by: conner54

Open the chat box and type "My name is methos" without quotes 

1000 resources: 
To get 100,000 of each resource, press enter. Then type, ''all your base 
are belong to us''. Press enter againg to receive the resources. 

Best civilization:
Go to "Game Tools" then the scenario editor. Choose the Civ Builder. There 
is no point limit. You can click them all then save it. On any game you choose
your civilization. Load your civilization and dominate.

1,000 Rock:
To secure automatically 1,000 rock, press the Enter button during gameplay, 
insert rock&roll into the cheats console that pops up, and press Enter once 
more. If done properly, 1,000 rock will be netted automatically.
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