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Submitted by: RM

Level 13:
left hand dice: 
-push the "3 dice" up once.
-push "1 dice" right/
-push "2 dice" one up, one right.
-push "3 dice" one up, one right.

right hand dice:
-push "3 dice" one down.
-push "1 dice" one left.
-push "2 dice" one down one left.
-push "3 dice" one up, one left

Level 20:
You'll notice that the only dice you need to push are the 2-dice. 
All the others will slot into place.
Therefore, you need to use the 3-dice to push each 2-dice exactly once.

One possible solution:
-Move the top-right 3-dice up and left.
-Continuing through the 3-dice from top right to bottom left: 
-Move the 3-dice next to that one right twice.
-Move the 3-dice next to that one left twice.
-Move the final (bottom-left) 3-dice down and right.

Now two of the 2-dice are sitting on spaces that they will end up in 
(move them back and forth). The other two 2-dice are 2 squares away 
from spaces that you can move them to. From here it should be easy 
to place the 2-dice and the remaining 1-dice. Do not push any further
dice by accident - we already worked out that all dice that needed 
pushing have been pushed.

Level 34:
-First take the left #1 dice and move it to the right.
-Then move the left #2 dice down 1 spot.
-Move the #4 dice to the left once.
-Now move the #3 dice that is the fasrthest to the left down 1 space, 
 right 1 space, then up 1 space.
-Take the left #1 dice and move it 1 spot to the left. 
 (You should have 3 spots filled.)
-Now take the #2 and move it up 1 spot.
-Take your #3 dice that is farthest left and move it to the right 2 spots.
-Take the #1 that is farthest left and move it one space to the left
 (4 spots filled.)
-Take the #1 that is farthest up and move it to the left 1 spot.
-Now take your #3 and more it 1 spot up, then 1 spot left, and finally 
 1 spot down.
-Finish it up by moving your last #1 dice to the right.

Level 35:
Bring the four outer dice in towards the center.
-Move the 4 on the right 2 spaces to the right.
-Move the 3 on the top 1 space right and 1 space down.
-Move the 1 on the bottom 1 space up.
-Move the 2 on the right 2 spaces to the left.
-Move the 1 on the top 1 space down.
-Move the 3 on the left 1 space to the right.
-Move the 1 in the center up 1.
-Move the 2 at the top 1 space left and 1 space down.
-Move the 1 on the right 1 space to the left.
-Move the remaining 4 left 1, up 1, right 2.
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