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  Hints and Tips for: Endless Inside 
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 Endless Inside Cheats

Endless Inside

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough and Endings Guide:
Written by Master Xeriath 97

So, are you still like beginner? Oh well... Well, there's some guides here.... 
But Warning, some parts may be spoilers...

-=Phase 1: Strange Activity=-
This Phase is very easy.

Well, in this one, it will ask you to accept.

If you say no, it will result a Game Over. If you say yes, you will begin the game.

So, you will start at Backstage Section. In behind you, the door is locked.

Yet, the Security Door is locked too of course, but you can unlock by the password 
at Backstage Control Room, Elliot or someone can tell you the password.

Remember, the password for the Security Door is random.

After unlocking the door, you will go to the Maintenance Services Room. 

So, after going in Maintenance Services Room, then you will proceed Phase 2.

-=Phase 2: Damaged Systems=-
Well, this one, there's no animatronics to attack you yet.

So, in this Phase, you are at Maintenance Services Room.

First at all, you will do "Gas Pressure Panel".

So, you will going to repair the system.

Yet, the first one is to make equal number to each other.

For example: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and 88. 99 won't work.

You will only do like 3 times to proceed next one.

The next is "Reboot System Panel".

It's simple, you must press the button if is ordered from 1 to 4. (Which is 1234). 
If you see 3, that means you will have to do 3 times. (Same as Gas Pressure Panel).

The 3rd system is a "Lighting System".

If you didn't understand the numbers for the system then follow this numbers: 
3, 2, 1 then 4.

After you done with the systems, then in the panel will show you the password "471", 
the password is for the Gas Installation at Backstage control room. 
While you closed the Gas Installation, you will move on Phase 3.

-=Phase 3: Little Woodens Hideout=-
This Phase may be difficult.

So, after you closed the Gas Installation at Backstage control room.

You will rather go see the Little Woodens somewhere. But you are starting at 
Backstage Section. If you go to Backstage room, Elliot will tell you to turn off 
the light from the red button, if you we're late, it will result a Game Over. 
While you turned off the lights from the red button, the animatronic will bang 
on the Security Door, in few seconds, the lights will be turned on. So, after that, 
you will go to Art class but it requires a Flashlight.

The Flashlight is at the Auditorium.

After you are at Art class, if you see the hole on the left, you will have to go there.

So in that part, you're going to destroy Woodens with Flashlight.

Well, it's difficult to beat, but if they are near to fall down from the wires, 
flash on their faces. If 3-5 Woodens fell down, it will result a Game Over. 
But to beat this Phase, you have to flash 8 Woodens. 
After that, then it's a cutscene, then you will move on to Phase 4.

-=Phase 4: Survival on Basement=-
Well, since you stopped Little Woodens, you're going to survive at the basement.

Yes, a unamed fox there, so you will survive in 360 seconds.

So, if you are changing the view, you will see the time countdown on the top right.

If you are hearing a noise, then change the view and then flash on the Woodens.

In 1 minute, that'll increase the difficulty, so sometimes you will see up a Little 
Woodens laughing..

Yet, if you see it, you must change the view quickly as you can.

After that, in 30-45 seconds, sometimes you will see a running Little Wooden.

To avoid it, you must change the view quick.

So finally, the last one, when is 100 seconds left, on that dark (Which is where 
you have to flash Little Woodens), that fox will sometimes turn her eyes to blue, 
but is because of staying long there. You cannot stay there like 4-6 seconds.

If you survived, then you will move on to the Phase 5.

-=Phase 5: The Two Companions=-
After you survived on the Little Woodens hideout and the basement, 
you will come back to Arts section.

So, what you have to do, is to deal with 2 music boxes.

They are at Backstage room.

You're going to survive in 200 seconds. Yet, is simple, you have to listen carefully 
to the music boxes.

On the left music box, it's Vulpis and the right one is Elliot.

So here some things to get be careful while you're sometimes winding the music box, 
if you wind too much, then will result a Game Over. When you didn't wind the music 
box, then will result a Game Over.

In 100 seconds later, you will see someone banging the door, but try to ignore and 
keep paying attention to the music boxes.

-=Phase 6: The Last Soul (Spoilers)=-
Alright, this is the last Phase of the game.

After you dealed with Vulpis and Elliot, you're going to Arts section and interact 
the door.

So after Mirya breaked the door, you will go to Auditorium.

In Auditorium, press the red button and you'll see Mirya coming.

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