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  Hints and Tips for: Endless World Idle RPG 
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 Endless World Idle RPG Cheats

Endless World Idle RPG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Rank List All Champions:
Written by Exqzr

A Rank list of All Champions in Endless World. To be adjusted as warranted through
discussion, feedback and new information. I have several months into the game and 
play with my fiance on a daily basis. I am currently ranked in the top 100.

If I have any bias it is towards warriors. I especially like Bruiser type champions 
(Andre). I am not fond of the very stale and somewhat boring MAGE META and avoid 
playing mages as much as possible. That said, Eva is so strong its hard to get 
anywhere without her and so she is reluctantly in my line up..

I have not personally tested all of the champions. I wish I could. Where I have 
no direct play time on a champion I have relied on research of top player line 
ups, arena and encounter battles as well as a review of the skills of the champion
to arrive at a fairly accurate estimation of their relative strengths.

-=The List=-
A+ Eva
A+ Kassandra
A Gorguts
A Shari
A Honeybell
A- Beck
A- Candida
B+ Lili
B+ Dynor
B+ Ironheart
B+ Mondulas
B+ Feu
B Fern
B Genji
B Draculis
B Pandora
B- Andre
B- Arnault
B- Moss
B- Marshall Paw
C+ Charles
C+ Lukar Drey
C+ Griffon
C+ Mediera
C+ Larusso
C+ Neige
C Kukkbar
C Cara
C Varrell
C Afra
C- Petyr
C- Krystal
C- Leaf
C- Noel
D+ Vonil
D+ Fantome
D Eli Eck
D Burke
D Medes
D- Cheiko
D- Squall
D- Aftershock

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