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  Hints and Tips for: Ends of the Earth 2 
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 Ends of the Earth 2 Cheats

Ends of the Earth 2

Cheat Codes:
Try to go up the stairwell you came out of in the first castle, where
the game started. The game will not allow you to ascend. Press [F11],
then go all the way to the left of the screen. A screen will appear 
with cheat mode options. 
Note: You may have to move a spot or two in the corner to find the 
correct location.

No clipping:
Press [F11] during game play to walk through walls, walk on water, walk
over lava, and walk past other obstacles. 

Restore health:
After defeating one of the element creatures in the Element Trials hut,
talk to "?????????" (the black figure) to get your party's life restored.

Quick level ups and extra money:
As soon as you exit the first castle (the one you started in), go straight
down and you will see a peak of land. Enter into the water where the longest
part of the peak ends. You will fight Death (which is an easy battle). 
Note: To restock, go back into the water and you will not have to fight
Death again.

The Sword of the Gods:
After fighting Salander for the first time you will come out of a hut. Go
southeast until you come to some trees. Then, go northeast to a peak of 
land ending at the water. A voice will tell you to go to the royal hut. 
Go eight west, six north, four east, eleven south, four west, five north, 
and six west. Do exactly what the voice tells you to do.

Extra money:
When you leave the first castle where you start the game, before moving 
west to the cave, go south to where the water is located. At the rightmost
south corner, you can enter the water and fight a small drawing of something
that cannot seem to hurt you. One hit will kill it. You will get an amazing 
amount of experience points. When you fight in future battles, you earn a 
level for each fight. This stops working after awhile.

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