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  Hints and Tips for: Epic Arena 
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 Epic Arena Cheats

Epic Arena

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* When facing a difficult challenge, use the "rewind" button as needed
  to test different strategies until finding one that works.
* When developing a strategy, try to determine the easiest way to win,
  either by killing all the enemy troops or destroying the artifact.
* Kill enemies one at a time, starting with the most dangerous one,
  unless you really have a very powerful area of effect unit or 
  power-up. Because your enemy also only has five moves, they will
  rarely use more troops than one. Use the troops that you already
  have on the battlefield and wait for the best time to use cards.
* Protect your best troops by sacrificing one of your other units
  in order to keep the strongest ones alive. 
* Move to the most useful power-ups if it is to your advantage. 
  For example, do not approach the purple power-up unless you will 
  be attacking the artifact.
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