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 Epic War 2 - Flash Game Cheats

Epic War 2  - Flash Game

How to beat level 7:
Submitted by: RM

* Start of with getting your mana up. Each time you increase your max
  mana pool you regenerate faster.
* Upgrade arrows! Makes it easier to kill the enemy without having to 
  create troops, if you have to though use simple ones which has less 
  effect on your mana.
* After reaching 6000-7000 mana, upgrade all baracks and stuf. Load up
  FULL MANA, then attack with paladins and wizards.

How to beat level 8 and 9:
* Kill the first monsters that the enemy send with the arrows.
* Then when you get like 2000 mana, start developing the abilities and
  send like 1 or 2 paladines to hold the enemyes while you get mana.
* Then when you develop all the abilities youll have to get 9999 mana, 
  and let it load all.
* when the mana is full send a lots of paladines and mages just that 2
  cause the others are just crap.

LEVEL 18 - Defeating the Lord of Hell:
The Lord of Hell can be defeated by any of the 3 races. It doesn’t matter 
how many units you send, it’s WHO and WHEN (timing). The most challenging 
and exciting of all is when using the race of Mankind.

-=Small units=-
* All range attacks will make the Lord of Hell stronger, but it will NOT 
  trigger the ground-pound. Use them as needed, but do not over-produce 
  them, unless you want the LoH to recover to full health.
* All units that are able to attack at close range WILL trigger the ground-
  pound. Best that you do NOT use any of them at all (yes, even the little 
  hobbit and bomberman). The Big Leagues (Angel Knight, Red Dragon, Flame 
* The Angel Knights blue flame attack makes the Lord of Hell stronger. 
  However, hes sword attack causes much more damage which compensates for
  the blue flame.
* No problem with the Red Dragon, although you willl probably survive 
  without it when using the Elves or the Orcs. Youll definitely need it 
  when using Mankind though.
* The Flame Devil WILL trigger the “ground-pound”.
  The Titans (Arch Angel, Forest Guardian, Cerberus) 
* For Mankind, you will need the Arch Angel to push your units forward, 
  but to finish off the Lord of Hell, only the Angel Knight and Red Dragon
  must be left to face him. Why? Because the Arch Angel triggers the 
  “ground-pound”! Apparently, he is the only titan the Lord of Hell seems 
  to have issues with.

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