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  Hints and Tips for: Escape 2 
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 Escape 2 Cheats

Escape 2

Submitted by: RM

-10 Keys are required to escape 
-To crack the safe, you must play part 1 
-Another key comes from stripping off paint 
-Bingo is a hungry dog, so feed him 
-Match the colored boxes and books 
-Smash the bottles and get a key 

The ten keys are required to complete the game are as follows.

-In the room with the dog, smash the left bottle with the hammer.
-In the room with the pipes on the wall, there is a dark brown rectangle
 behind the large box. Keep clicking it until it moves completely behind 
 the box. Then on the second shelf of colored boxes all the way to the 
 right, there is a very tiny key. 
-In the room with the robot, keep clicking the brown wooden clock at the 
 top right corner of the room until the key appears from the bottom of the
-In the room with the dog, there is a pinkish clock. Keep clicking on it until
 the key appears from the bottom of the clock. The key will only appear from 
 the pinkish clock if the key was already taken out of the brown clock. 
-In the room with the paint can, keep clicking the wall behind it until the 
 wallpaper is all off. The key is in between the two ladder stands. 
-In the room with the pipes there are five green screwdrivers at the bottom.
 There are screws in the big box. Use the screwdrivers to unscrew them. 
 Note: One screwdriver will not unscrew them all. 
-In the room with the robot is a wheel just below the clock. Keep clicking it
 until the key falls from where the rope comes out. 
-Match the colored boxes and books. 
-Play part one to crack the safe. 
-Feed the dog by putting food in dog bowl. Put it near the dog then click the 
 dog. Note: Put all three pieces of dog food in the bowl. 

Quick keys:
Use the following trick to get all ten keys in under a minute. Got to the 
bookshelf that is two screens to the right of the starting screen. Click 
until the top shelf's books are green, tan, blue, pink (in order); the 
second shelf is green, purple, red, tan; and the third shelf is brown, dark
green, blue, light green. Once all of them are in that order, click the 
bottom shelf to make a key appear. 
Keep clicking and more keys will appear in that location until you have 
all ten of them.
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