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  Hints and Tips for: Escape the Pear Room 
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 Escape the Pear Room Cheats

Escape the Pear Room

Hints Pieces:
Look at the following locations to find the objects to complete the game.

1  - under the tablecloth.
2  - sweep the fireplace, remove belt sweep again.
3  - zoom in on red stocking, wait for cat's tongue.
4  - Click on floor lamp, look on cover.
5  - zoom in on rocking chair base.
6  - take left ski, look inside boot.
7  - take right ski, look near top.
8  - look under bucket.
9  - look under rug corners, lift rug all the way for lighter.
10 - in bottom drawer next to hat then click on hat, shake out another.
11 - Under the presents.
12 - Top drawer with scissors.
13 - Open presents with scissors.
14 - push bed lamp back. click fast with pillow, sheet see below the right side
     of bed, mattress until they are in air at the same time look below. under
15 - zoom in on clock, click until hands are at 12 o'clock, pull the string
     below three times and capture santa's hand.
16 - click on picture next to bed.
17 - Use axe on cake.
18 - remove decoration off the tree. take axe remove thistle and branches. 
     look on top.
19 - look inside bag below tree, below gloves and hat.
20 - look below remaing tree thistles.
21 - give star to reindeer head, look/zoom below neck.
22 - use axe to cut left chair seat.
23 - click on green bottle, click again to lift.
24 - once shave off tree, empty inventory, use tree as battering ram on door,
     small pile in front of door use firebroom and shovel.

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