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 Eschalon - Book I Cheats

Eschalon - Book I

Item duplication:
Submitted by: RM

First, save your game, either quick or regular. Then take an 
item either from your inventory or an item on your equipped 
item screen and and hold it in the cursor. To hold it, just 
left click the item as if you are going to drag it. Now with 
the item on cursor, hit the esc key and go to restore and 
restore the saved game you saved before this. Now you will 
get a screen as you load the game that says something like: 
Do you want to drop this item on the ground, yes or no? Hit 
no, and then you can open your inventory up and then place it 
in there and you will now have 2 of that item. This helps a 
lot with money, as you can use this trick to gain money to 
pay for extra skill points at trainers.

You can also duplicate items from random chests. Press [F2] to 
quick save the game when you find a chest. Take the item if 
desired after the chest is opened. Enter the inventory screen and 
hold the recently obtained item with the pointer. Press [Esc] and 
select "Restore". Choose to restore your quick save game. Answer 
"No" when asked to drop the item, then place it in your inventory. 
You can now open the chest again and repeat looting the chest.

Pick and choose your loot:
Using the same method as the item duplication with the random chest 
cheat you can choose which items you want from chest. All you have 
to do is, find a chest and quick save by pressing f2. Then, open 
chest, if there is something that you want in there take it. Then 
open you inventory and left click the item you just got. Then hit 
esc until you get to the screen that allows you to restore your saved
games. Restore your saved file that you made earlier. Now you will 
get a screen asking you if you want to drop the item. Say no, and 
then put it in your inventory screen. Now you have the item you want 
and you can open the chest and do it all over. You can do this as many 
times as you like. All chest, besides ones containing quest items are 
random. So you can use this to find rare items.
Before I left the first village I have full gear, rings and trinkets 
for my level 1 and did not spend any gold.

Tips and Tricks:
When you encounter a locked chest/drawer/cupboard, save your game before 
trying your luck. If your lockpick breaks, reload the game and try again 
until you are successful in one try. This way, you'll never have to 
replenish lockpicks again.
Similarly, if you encounter a body/skeleton, save before clicking the body. 
If you are not satisfied with your items, reload and try your luck until 
you get something good.
Note that this also works with initially unlocked drawers/chests.

Submitted by: Klent

If you run out torch in a crypt or just in the dark, just adjust the brightness of 
your monitor and you would see where to walk. Though you see your way, your enemy 
would recieve minimum damage or no damage at all.

Can quick travel with crucible:
Submitted by: Mark Romero

This is a tip I found out last night, after getting the crucible misson I thought of a 
little trick, instead of going all the way with it. Just go to blackwater get the quick 
travel, go back pick up the crucible don't put it in your inventory, just hold it in your 
cursor, and press the blackwater transport on your map it'll still transport you with the 
thing in your cursor. Basiclly you keep it in you cursor hand with out adding 70lbs 
to your inventory's weight.

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