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  Hints and Tips for: Eternal Card Game 
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 Eternal Card Game Cheats

Eternal Card Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Deck Building Tips & Tricks:
* First and foremost, consistency is key to making your deck function. Itís best 
to include all 4 copies of an imporant card for your deck, or craft a few more 
copies of an ideal card, rather than including a bunch of one-offs that just fill 
the space.
* If youíre building a multi-faction deck, be sure to include some cards that will 
draw specific sigils (like Seek Power), or grant specific colors of influence. 
Usually some of the dual-faction power cards will be enough for a two-color deck, 
but Seek Power, the 2-cost Influence strangers, and some of the cards found in the 
Time faction are great ways to ensure that you get all the influence you need to 
play your cards.
* Keep your deck to 75 cards if possible. itís not the end of the world to go over, 
but your deck will typically perform less consistently the more cards you have in it. 
This may mean making a few painful cuts of cards you want in your deck, or dropping 
down to 3 copies of less-important cards.
* On that same note, enable advanced deckbuilding in the options menu. By default, 
the game adds power sigils automatically based on the cards in your deck. While this 
isnít a bad thing, sometimes it can add more than your deck needs, and it also wonít 
use some of the power cards that are optimal for your deck (such as waystones, 
diplomatic seals, or banners, if you have them).
* Sometimes, simple is best. When youíre starting out, try to have your deck focus 
on one specific goal or theme.
* Pay attention to how much power the various cards in your deck cost (see the chart 
shown on the deck builder!). While the minimum you can have is 1/3 of your deck, if 
youíre running a bunch of high-cost cards, you may need extra power in order to 
ensure you curve smoothly into the cards youíre trying to play. Trust me, having 
enough power (and influence) can make all the difference.
* On that same note, think about what your goal is and compare it to the relative 
cost of cards in your deck. If youíre trying to play aggro but most of your cards 
are 3-4 mana, youíre probably not going to do well. If youíre playing tempo or 
control, you should probably have a fairly even amount of cards at all ranges of 
mana. If youíre ramping into big creatures, you should have mostly high-cost 
cards, etc.

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