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 Eudemons Online Cheats

Eudemons Online

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: ArdIa
Update by: daniel
Update by: Vicky

Cheat mode:
Have the box where your character talks set to no one. 
Then, enter one of the following codes.

Effect                     Code
to be invisible         - /armor 1144558
Female                  - /armor 2190580
ObsidianMail            - /armor 1190400
Santa Suit Female       - /armor 2190260
Santa Suit Male         - /armor 1190240
Silver Wings            - /armor 1190380
Golden Wings            - /armor 2190360
PinkRomance Female      - /armor 2190540
PinkRomance Male        - /armor 1190520
RoseLoveBird Male       - /armor 1190120
RoseLoveBird Female     - /armor 2190140
MiracleLight Male       - /armor 1190160
MiracleLight Female     - /armor 2190200
Manderine Male          - /armor 1190320
Manderine Female        - /armor 2190340
JasperTunic             - /armor 2190420
VioletDiamond           - /armor 2190460
SummerHunter Female     - /armor 2190500
SummerHunter Male       - /armor 1190480
ShadowMoon              - /armor 1190440
Unknown armor           - /armor 1190520
Unknown armor           - /armor 1190160
Unknown armor           - /armor 1133094
Unknown armor           - /armor 1190160
Unknown armor           - /armor 1190060
Unknown armor           - /armor 1190560
Unknown armor           - /armor 1133068
Unknown armor           - /armor 1133077
Unknown armor           - /armor 1133089
Unknown armor           - /armor 1134029
Unknown armor           - /armor 1133097
Unknown armor           - /armor 1134048
Unknown armor           - /armor 1134054
Unknown armor           - /armor 1134062
Unknown armor           - /armor 1131100
Unknown armor           - /armor 1131110
Unknown armor           - /armor 1190400
Unknown armor           - /armor 1190380
Unknown armor           - /armor 1190240
Unknown weapon          - /setlweapon 410240
Unknown weapon          - /setlweapon 420230
Unknown weapon          - /setlweapon 410230
Unknown weapon          - /setlweapon 420240
Unknown weapon          - /setlweapon 440230
Unknown weapon          - /setlweapon 440240
Unknown weapon          - /setrweapon 410144
Unknown weapon          - /setrweapon 410234
Unknown weapon          - /setrweapon 410244
Unknown weapon          - /setrweapon 420234
Unknown weapon          - /setrweapon 440244
Unknown weapon          - /setlweapon 410344
Unknown effect          - /addeffect weapon01
Unknown effect          - /addeffect weapon02
Grey Mantle (Male)      - /armor 190560
Juno Bird Robe (Female) - /armor 190580
Obsidian Mail (Male)    - /armor 190400
Jasper Tunic (Female)   - /armor 190420
ShadowMoon (Male)       - /armor 190440
Violet Diamond (Female) - /armor 190460
Summer Hunter (Male)    - /armor 190480
Summer Hunter (Female)  - /armor 190500
Manderine (Male)        - /armor 190320
Pink Romance (Male)     - /armor 190520
Pink Romance (Female)   - /armor 190540
RLB (Male)              - /armor 190120
RLB (Female)            - /armor 190140
Miracle Light (Male)    - /armor 190160
Miracle Light (Female)  - /armor 190180
Royal Attire            - /armor 190000
SilverWings (Male)      - /armor 190380
Dragon Corslet          - /armor 190080
Emerald Robe (Female)   - /armor 190100

Mage: Defeating strong enemies:
Submitted by: RM

Summon two Eudemons who have spells that shoot. Then use sneak or
invisibility. Hover your pointer over the monster and press the 
function keys for whatever spell you have them assigned. For example,
if you have Thunder assigned to F3, continuously press F3. The game 
will freeze for a few seconds then about twenty Thunders will come 
down on your enemy.

Easy Kills:
Submitted by: andrew

Warrior: for a warrior use the skills Chain Chop or Flying chop on the enemies
while you have alot of pot atleast 200+ mage: use invisablity on urself then
use thunder with ur euds so u wont be seen when ur magic is low use soul seeker
to heal it.

Submitted by: moamed

There is good cheat enable u to make the screen smaller u can type>>/scale 70<< 
then see what happen.

Submitted by: DoesntMatter

Type this in normal chat then click enter /armor 133088 or /setrweapon 410244

Submitted by: dana

duel swords = first u need to have the box with the char. name ur talking 
to empty. Then u just type in /setlweapon 420244.

Submitted by: red.flame

U can get woriar armor and swords armor 132088 and /setrweapon 410144 
/setrweapon 410234 
/setrweapon 410244 
/setrweapon 420244 
HAVE FUN in eudemons online

Submitted by: jordan tiu

Up level fast when u re 30lvl, make a team lv90 above player call they 2 dragon 
mountain, went your XP is full use it,u can up many level as you one faster then 
self training.

How to level up:
Well first of all go and fight madbulls until lvl 5. Then dont kill green giants
instead kill bullywugs till lvl 8. Now this may sound wierd but when lvl 8 go to
the dragonkins and kill them until lvl 15 so you can get gods blessing!. Now you
have 3 ways to choose from Either 
1: Go through portal at the bottom of the map and kill eyeballs until level 20.
2: Use gods blessing offline training (press red button when logging off). or 
3: Just kill dragonkins until lvl 20 (you can get good stuff by killing dragonkins
   like eudemon eggs so if u get eud eggs hatch them and lvl them up to lvl 20 
   then sell them for good money). This is the end of my short guide.

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