EverQuest - The Scars of Velious Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: EverQuest - The Scars of Velious 
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 EverQuest - The Scars of Velious Cheats

EverQuest - The Scars of Velious

garrett, Submitted the following Information:

* 999 platnume by typing platnume
* level 30 by saying i love you
* all wapons in bank by typing bank
* have armor like a gard by typing armor

For players who are new to EverQuest, it's vital that you take your 
time and start on an easy server. Work your way up gradually and 
don't rush the process. 

This is a bit sneaky, but if you're having trouble seeing where to 
go in the pitch black of night, simply turn up the gamma levels in 
the display options for "glow in the dark" graphics. 

When exploring Velious, keep your wits about you and be sure to take 
in what you see, as getting lost in the snow is a distinct possibility.

Phat Lewts:
If you find Prince Thirneg, use the /hail command on him. After he 
talks to you, respond with "I have come here for Phat Lewts." 
Expect a surprise.
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