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  Hints and Tips for: F1 Racing Simulation 
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 F1 Racing Simulation Cheats

F1 Racing Simulation

Easy pole position:
Stay in the pit lane during the race qualification. 
This will result in a qualifying time of 00:00:000. 

For extra speed in qualifying, take advantage of the 
"qualifying engine" option provided in the garage menu. 
Selecting a high RPM redline will give more speed and 
acceleration at the expense of reliability. Be sure to 
switch back before the race.

Keep your brakes applied on the start line until the 
red lights go out. The car has a bad habit of rolling forward 
on some circuits and bringing a false start violation down on 

F1 cars have extraordinarily powerful brakes and this is 
accurately modeled in F1RS. You can brake much deeper for 
most corners than you might think, so practice, practice, 

Hitch a ride with one of the faster computer cars 
(Schumacher and Alesi are always good bets) by hitting 
the Page Up or Page Down key and then by closely studying 
their driving techniques. Valuable gearing setups and braking 
points can be learned this way.

The best method of improving the problem of poor frame 
rate at the start of races (when the screen is crowded with 
other cars) on a lower-end machine is to reduce the number 
of competitors. Halving the number of competitors from 21 to 
11 can increase the fps on a P133 by a huge margin. (Switching 
off the replay is also effective.)

If you're holding on to pole position by a narrow margin, 
you can be a real poor sport about it and go park your car out 
on the middle of the track. You won't be towed away and the 
computer-driven cars will lift off their throttles enough to 
cost them half a second per lap as they maneuver around you. 
(I could've sworn I saw Berger give me the finger.)

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