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  Hints and Tips for: Mafia Wars 
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 Mafia Wars Cheats

Mafia Wars

Facebook Mafia Wars Hints:
Submitted by: David K.

* The most obvious way to earn experience points in Mafia War is by using up 
  your energy to do jobs. The obvious strategy here is that if your goal is to 
  level up, using the lowest amount of energy to gain the most experience points
  is what you should do. Of course, use the remaining energy points for other 
  jobs that you haven't mastered yet. 

* As your mafia list grows, friends and contacts will often send updates to 
  your Facebook wall in order to ask for help with their jobs. While you only 
  have a short time before others help (only 25 friends can accept the offer),
  helping will give you several experience points for little effort.

* If you've already chosen to be a mogul or fearless type of character in 
  Mafia Wars, you're going to want to skip to #4. But if you haven't started
  playing yet, or you're already playing as a Maniac, you'll be happy to know 
  that Maniacs earn one new energy point every 3 minutes (versus 5 minutes for
  the other types). More energy means you can do more jobs. 

* When building your Top Mafia, put a Fearless player in the Wheelman position
  (the higher the level, the better). By doing so, you'll use up to 11% less 
  energy when doing jobs. There's an added perk here as well, this will also 
  increase your chances of completing a jobs without using any energy.

* Continuing on the Mafia building hint, selecting one of your mafia who's 
  completed the most jobs to be your top mastermind can give you a higher level
  of experience per job. 

* Looting helps grow your defense and attack scores but all those odd items 
  that seem to have no use, they're usually part of a Collection. If you gather
  all seven of the odd items in a Collection and vault it, you get an experience

* For lower level players, fights really matter. As they only offer between 
  1-6 points per 1 Stamina point, fights won't really help to make up that 200
  point gap that you'll need in order to level up but for players with a lot 
  of stamina points, lots of health (or money to heal), fights can help make 
  a difference. There's one negative here. 
  Fight too often or if you keep hitting the fight again button, you're going 
  to make enemies. And if they snuff you, you can lose just as many experience

* Reserved mainly for higher level players, the Hitlist is where players place
  a bounty on a player and other players, looking to kill, attempt to gain points.
  While players can gain up to 44 experience points for being on a Hitlist, the 
  practice is rife with loopholes as teams will change their character's status 
  name to something that makes them appear weaker. Lower players in search of 
  points, try to kill them, only to lose out.

Mafia wars Hints:
Submitted by: Bikram

Facebook Mafia War
hi all the fan of Mafia war. I'm daily player of mafia war and i used to upgrade my 
level upto 30 to 60 each day. And if you are also want to make your level up so only 
increase your energy and do the job in new york boss level and you spend 31 energy and 
you ll reward with 74 experience and just click do job and see what ll happen. 

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