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  Hints and Tips for: Faery Tale Adventure 2 
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 Faery Tale Adventure 2 Cheats

Faery Tale Adventure 2

This game is also titled "Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II"

Cheat Codes:
Locate the "promo" directory on the installation CD. Copy the saved games in 
this directory to saved game directory on the hard drive. Start the game and 
use the "Load" selection on the options menu to load the "hatak" saved game 
file. Immediately save this game as a new file, since overwriting the "hatak"
file will crash the game. Note: Although the other saved game files allow the
game to be started at various points, the "hatak" file has additional bonuses. 

* When playing the game from "hatak" file, all characters will have full 
attributes with mithril armor and weapons. Additionally, Julian has the "Tour
Guide" and "Juicer" special items in inventory. The "Tour Guide" allows travel
to any game location. The "Juicer" allows attributes, skills, and mana to be 

Note: To start game from the beginning with cheat mode active, use the "Tour 
Guide" to travel to Wildevarr/Padavis/Riddenbutter's. 
Additionally, all scrolls may be sold for additional gold since all spells 
have already been learned.

Ultimate Cheat:
Give an Oil Lamp (Can be found in the Inn) to Birket (Padavis), he will give
you the Staff of Ugh. (This is as far as most people knew) Give him the Staff
of Ugh, he'll give you the Ultimate Cheat. Give him the Ultimate Cheat, and 
you'll get 2 chests containing:

* Tour Guide - go to anywhere in the game.
* Staff of Ugh - I have no idea what it does, except exiting the game.
* Marks Sting Ray - Restores everyone to full health.
* Juicer - Max Health, Skills & Mana.
* Nexus Cube - Go to any Obelisks in the game.
* Pandora's Box - Creates any monster.
* Dungeon Fish - Go to any Cave and Dungeon in the game.
* Ultimate Cheat - This device does 3 main options:

1.Juice n' Jam - All Adamantium Items, Max Skills, Max Health.
2.Goodies - Make Bomb Box, Make Potion Box, Make Magic Bag, Make special Weapon
  Cheat, Make Special Armor Chest, Make Goodies Box, Make Key Bag, Make Special
  Tools (More cool cheat Items), Transfer Gold Apples, Transfer Tapstones, and 
  Get all Spells.
3.Videos - See all videos.

* Faery Tale Adventure 2 comes factory equipped with the ultimate cheats for those
  of us who hate starting out as peons. On the FTA2 cd is a folder called "Promo" 
  full of saved games. Copy these saves to your FTA2 main folder where ever you 
  installed it on your hard drive (make sure you have any of your own saves backed
  up in another folder because these will probably overwrite them).

* (IMPORTANT NOTE: The saves off the cd will be set as "read only". After you copy
  them to your hard drive you can right click on each of the saves and uncheck the
  read only attribute on them. If you don't do that you can't save over them and 
  the game will crash if you try. If you don't want to mess with the attributes, 
  just start off by saving your games in a fresh empty slot.)

* Start the game and go the the options menu and select "load" and you will see a
  long list of games you can pick from to jump into different parts of the game. 
  Most of these saves are just for sightseeing, as they will start you off missing
  most of the beginning of the game.

* The useful one is the save "hatak". Load this save and you will start the game
  in Hatak with some special items. Aside from the obvious goodies (all characters
  have mirthil weapons and armor now, all attributes maxed) Julian has 2 special 
  items in his inventory. The first is a book called the "Tour Guide" and if you 
  double click on it it will bring up a menu that will let you teleport to any 
  location in the game! The second is called the "juicer" and using that will 
  bring up a menu to set all your stats, skills, and mana.

-=Recommended use=-
Load "hatak", use the tour guide to teleport to Wildevarr - Padavis - Riddenbutter's
and you will be transported to the regular game starting point on day 1, week 1 
ready to begin the game, but now with superior equipment and stats the way you want
them (the brothers will start out on this save with all attributes maxed, but you
can use the juicer to lower them to a more challenging level if you want).

Also, since the brothers will start this game knowing all the spells, you can
take all the spell scrolls you find in town and sell them to the pawnshop. You
will end up with just over a thousand gold this way, more than enough to get any
other goodies you want.

Magic Item Properties:
When you equip any special item in the game, all you see is a small icon added 
to your player image, very hard to tell what they really do. 
Here are the properties:

Amethyst Ring       - Immunity to Acid / Violet Magic
Emerald Crown       - Immunity to Mental Damage
Gold Ring           - Resist Fire / Yellow Magic
Jade Necklace       - Resist Poison / Green Magic
Ruby Ring           - Resist Heat / Red Magic
Ruby Emulate        - Immunity to Fire / Yellow Magic & Immunity to Heat /Red Magic
Sapphire Ring       - Immunity to Cold / Blue Magic
Sapphire Talisman   - Immunity to Cold / Blue Magic
Wooden Ring         - Immunity to Poison / Green Magic
Gold Bracelet       - Nothing
Medalion            - Nothing
Snow Parka          - Resist Cold / Blue Magic
Woven Grass Jerkin  - Resist Poison / Green Magic & Resist Lightning / Orange Magic
Mithril Chain Shirt - Resist Slashing Damage
Dragonskin Boots    - Resist Fire / Yellow Magic & Resist Heat / Red Magic
"Frostbite"         - Immunity to Cold / Blue Magic 

Saved Games on CD:
On the FTA2 CD is a folder called "Promo" full of saved games. Copy these saves to
your FTA2 main folder where you installed it on your hard drive (make sure you have
your own saves backed up in another folder because these will probably overwrite 
them). Most of these saves are just for sightseeing, as they will start you off 
missing most of the beginning of the game. The save "hatak" is the usefull one, as
you will start with many special goodies that cannot be found anywhere in the game.

Easy money without cheats:
Submitted by: Andrew

If you want easy money, but you want to play without cheats, theres a hint for you:
To start, get the three brothers and train at goblins till you get a nice level on 
range, magic, and meele attacks. Give the scrolls to the one you want to do magic and 
get a bow to the one you want to be archer. the potmetal dagger is good to start at 
meele attack, but if you want, buy one.
After you trained and got a good level to the three brothers, go to one city with a 
lot of merchants or nobles, kill them, look inside their pouch and get all the money, 
you can do that to shops too, enter the shops and kill all the merchants that are
there usually. after doing that for 20 mins. you will get a lot of money and you didn't
cheated, then buy good armor and fight the others monsters stronger than globins, then 
fight the guards. I did that for 1:30 hour and got the max amount of money in the game.

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