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  Hints and Tips for: Falcon 4.0 
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 Falcon 4.0 Cheats

Falcon 4.0

Restore Ammo:
Type in "revenge" while playing. 

Can't get a medal or promotion? Well, worry no more. 
Go to your settings and set the following:

Flight Model : Realistic
Avioninics   : Simplified
Weapons      : Exagerated
Autopilot    : Steerpoint
Refuel       : Realistic
Padlocking   : Realistic

You can turn on the labels, to help identify enemy. Your overall should be 80%. 
Apply the settings. Go to campaign. Set your flight up (take a BARCAP and take 
some BLU 27s to kill ground troops) with munitions.  When you are one the runway
type CRTL+Z Z (You will hear a click.  If you hear a flare launch, you need to 
type it again). Turn on your labels. Okay, you should be invincible. Go and kill
the enemy (take out as many air/ground troops as possible!).
After completing BARCAP, return to base and land. Taxi clear of the runway and 
type in [CTRL]+Z Z one more time (to turn off invincible mode) and then exit 
the mission.  When you get to the debrief you should get a medal (if you killed
more than 2 or 4 aircraft and about 20 to 30 ground pounders).  Best bet, take 
out some MI 24s or MD 500s along with the MiGs to boost A-A kills. Your medal 
will range anywhere from the Distinguished Flying Cross to the Silver Star. 
Make sure you are successful. Best bet, take #2 (in 2 flight) or #4 (in full 
fligt) positions. This leaves the AI to lead the flight and you free to kill 
targets of opportunity.  Good luck, and keep the enemy off your six!

NOTE:This works in v1.07, but with 1.08 coming out, who knows.

Falcon's baby:
Set the system date to May 15. Start the game and select any campaign and mission.
Click on the "Ready to Fly" icon and carefully watch the loading screen. 

* Successful landings require enough speed for a soft touchdown; keep your speed 
  high enough (between 160 and 200 knots) for a low angle of attack and vertical 

* Think of Sidewinders as very short-range weapons; in Falcon 4.0, they're 
  definitely for enemies you can see clearly. 

* When playing through the tutorials, also consult the reference section regarding 
  what you're learning; Falcon 4.0 is best conquered in large chunks. 

* Make liberal use of the AWACS "Declare" command to keep track of which radar 
  returns are friendly and which are hostile.  

Submitted by: Ed

Enter dogfight mode.  Select the aircraft you wish to fly (other than F-16). 
Highlight that aircraft and click JOIN.  If you want to lead the flight, highlight
just the AI pilot, click DELETE PILOT, and hit JOIN (with AI still highlighted).  
Then add as many flight members (up to three AIs) as you want.

Unlimited Missiles:
Submitted by: ahsin2344

Select mission and set a missile on edge of arm f.16.then play the launch
the missile which is on the edge of the plane.end the that mission again.
Again launch the missiles and end the this process 1 or 2 time and then you
will be able to launch unlimited missile.[note]launching too much missile at the same 
time will result a problem.

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