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  Hints and Tips for: Fall Weiss 
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 Fall Weiss Cheats

Fall Weiss

Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements
and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds 
to [Fall Weiss]. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for 
your username's achievements.

Achievement                How to unlock
Bialystok defended       - As Poland, hold Bialystok until 20th September.
Bialystok taken          - As Germany, capture Bialystok before 10th September.
Bielsko defended         - As Poland, hold Bielsko until 4th September.
Bielsko Taken            - As Germany, capture Bielsko before 3rd September.
Brest defended           - As Poland, hold Brest-on-the-Bug until 20th September.
Brest taken              - As USSR, capture Brest-on-the-Bug before 19th September.
Bring the Revolution     - As Soviet Union, destroy 50 Polish units in single game.
Bydgoszcz defended       - As Poland, hold Bydgoszcz until 6th September.
Bydgoszcz taken          - As Germany, capture Bydgoszcz before 3rd September.
Capturing the Peninsula  - As Germany, capture Hel before 7th September.
Casualties               - Destroy 1000 strength points in any number of plays.
Cavalry Is Outdated      - As Germany, destroy 20 Polish cavalry units before 7th September.
Chelm defended           - As Poland, hold Chelm until 26th September.
Chelm taken              - As Germany, capture Chelm before 15th September.
Cracow defended          - As Poland, hold Cracow until 8th September.
Cracow taken             - As Germany, capture Cracow before 4th September.
Cutting Off The Corridor - As Germany, cut off the Polish Corridor before 5th September.
Czestochowa defended     - As Poland, hold Czestochowa until 5th September.
Czestochowa taken        - As Germany, capture Czestochowa before 3rd September.
First Blood              - Destroy an enemy unit.
Gdynia defended          - As Poland, hold Gdynia until 20th September.
Gdynia taken             - As Germany, capture Gdynia before 10th September.
Heavy Casualties         - Destroy 10000 strength points in any number of plays.
Hel Peninsula            - As Poland, hold Hel until 2nd October.
Hrodna defended          - As Poland, hold Hrodna until 25th September.
Hrodna taken             - As USSR, capture Hrodna before 20th September.
Huge Casualties          - Destroy 100000 strength points in any number of plays.
Inowroclaw defended      - As Poland, hold Inowroclaw until 10th September.
Inowroclaw taken         - As Germany, capture Inowroclaw before 5th September.
K-bur                    - As Poland, destroy at least 20 German panzer regiments before 26th September.
Kalisz defended          - As Poland, hold Kalisz until 5th September.
Kalisz taken             - As Germany, capture Kalisz before 3rd September.
Katowice defended        - As Poland, hold Katowice until 5th September.
Katowice taken           - As Germany, capture Katowice before 3rd September.
Kielce defended          - As Poland, hold Kielce until 7th September.
Kielce taken             - As Germany, capture Kielce before 5rd September.
Lodz defended            - As Poland, hold Lodz until 12th September.
Lodz taken               - As Germany, capture Lodz before 6th September.
Lublin defended          - As Poland, hold Lublin until 20th September.
Lublin taken             - As Germany, capture Lublin before 15th September.
Lvov defended            - As Poland, hold Lvov until 26th September.
Lvov taken               - As USSR, capture Lvov before 20th September.
Mlawa taken              - As Germany, capture Mlawa before 3rd September.
Northern Fortress        - As Germany, capture Modlin before 23rd September.
Panzerschreck            - Destroy 500 enemy armored units in any number of plays.
Pillbox                  - Destroy 50 enemy units with units positioned on fortifications in any number of plays.
Plock taken              - As Germany, capture Plock before 6th September.
Polish Soviet Republic   - As USSR, capture Warsaw without entering war with Germany.
POW                      - Make an enemy unit surrender.
Pozna defended           - As Poland, hold Poznan until 12th September.
Poznan taken             - As Germany, capture Poznan before 7th September.
Przemysl taken           - As Germany, capture Przemysl before 10th September.
Radom taken              - As Germany, capture Radom before 5th September.
Rzeszow taken            - As Germany, capture Rzeszow before 6th September.
Slovakian Tatras         - As Slovakia, capture Jaslo before 4th September.
Take No Prisoners        - Make an enemy unit withdraw.
Torun defended           - As Poland, hold Torun until 10th September.
Torun taken              - As Germany, capture Torun before 5th September.
Tuchola Forest           - As Germany, capture the whole Tuchola Forest.
Vilnius defended         - As Poland, hold Vilnius until 22nd September.
Vilnius taken            - As USSR, capture Vilnius before 19th September.
Warsaw Has Fallen        - As Germany, capture Warsaw before 20th September.
Wloclawek defended       - As Poland, hold Wloclawek until 16th September.
Wloclawek taken          - As Germany, capture Wloclawek before 10th September.
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