Fallen: Makina and the City of Ruins Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Fallen: Makina and the City of Ruins 
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 Fallen: Makina and the City of Ruins Cheats

Fallen: Makina and the City of Ruins

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

100% Walkthrough:
Written by Sinom

A 100% walkthrough to help you progress trough the entire game.
This walkthrough will note down all the steps you need to take from the beginning to 
the end and will also include how to obtain all various endings. The puzzles in this 
game are limited but this should give you a good indication how to proceed with issues. 
In the beginning, it might be hard to navigate so sometimes I'll have images accompany
 my explanation. All endings result in you being teleported back to the point before 
it so no new saves games are required to get em all. I won't write down how to obtain 
all scenes cause the special room in the game already gives ample explanation how to 
obtain them but I'm open to suggestions as to what else I should include.

-=Good Ending & Bad Ending=-
Upon entering Gardona go talk to Momo in the tavern, the nuns at the church, DePaul 
at the high end inn in the Town Centre, Irina at the guild headquarters, Canton 
(blacksmith) in the Weapon shop. 
Go in the ruins. 
Light the torch on B2 to unlock the staircase to B3.
Flip the switches in the left and right room to unlock the door in the middle room 
Defeat the bandits on B4 
Cure the poison by talking to the mysterious man and choosing either option #1 or option #3 
Defeat the boss on B6 
Flip the switch on B7 
Defeat boss on B10 
Defeat Bardo on B11 
Collect the torch on B13 
Light the torch on B13 
Burn the vines on B13 
Defeat the boss on B16. 
Go talk to Irina in the guild headquarters. 
Talk to the drunk guy and give him 900 gold. 
Talk to the suspicious man in the low-tier inn 
Talk to the man at the training area and pick either #option 1, #option 2, or #option 3. 
At second choice, pick #option 3. 
Talk to the warehouse manager and pick either #option 1 or #option 2. 
Go down the stairs into the underground market. 
Visit the bar "Beer and Girl" and talk to everyone. 
Go to the arena and talk to the receptionist. 
Fight in the arena and beat the three opponents. 
Talk to the receptionist again. 
Talk to the arena manager. 
Fight the boss on B19. 
Escape the boss and go talk to the monster expert in the Farmer district at Gardona. 
Extinguish the purple flames on B19. 
Fight the boss on B19. 
Collect the white-pelled Jasmine on B20. 
Return to the underground market and talk to the arena manager. 
Use the staircase left below in the underground market to go the canal. 
Use the staircase at the top right of the first level that goes in the Underground Dungeon. 
Move forward into the dungeon until a scene shows up. 
Talk to Irina at the guild headquarters. 
Talk to Celia at the weapon shop. 
Go rest at the high class inn. 
Talk to Irina at the guild headquarters and pick #option 1. 
Go into Mr.Dalton's house and go in the basement. 
Proceed into the basement and defeat the underlings. 
Go further down into the Underground Dungeon. 
Defeat Mr.Dalton. 
Go into the ruins and defeat Bardock at B21. 
Defeat the boss on B25. 
Roll the boulders into the four black holes. 
Avoid rolling a boulder into the right black hole in the middle area on B26. 
Defeat the bosses on B29. 
Defeat the boss on B35. 
Touch the switch with the red handle near the old man. 
Find the "back pain medicine" in a pot in the room right of the old man. 
Talk to the old man and pick either #option 1 or #option 2 upon choice. 
Go into the house on B41. 
Fight the final boss. 
Choose #option 1 (bad ending) or #option 2 (good ending)

-=Goblin Ending=-
Visit the Goblin's house on B14. 
Talk to the "old farmer" standing outside in the Farmer district of Gardona. 
Visit the Goblin's house for the second time. 
Go back to talk to the farmer. 
Vist the Goblin's house for the third time. 
Go back to talk to the farmer. 
Visit the Goblin's house for the last time (Needs 70 Depravity).

-=Bardo Ending=-
Vist the bandit hideout on B24 and confront Bardo 
Visit the bandit hideout for the second time (Needs 70 Depravity)

-=Kiara Ending=-
Resue Kiara on B30 and head home with him. 
Rest at an inn and visit Kiara's house again to stay the night. 
Rest at an inn and visit Kiara's house again to stay the night (Needs 60 Depravity).

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