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  Hints and Tips for: Fall Guys 
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 Fall Guys Cheats

Fall Guys

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Uncap FPS:
Written by Hekz

-=Uncap FPS=-
* Start by go to Nvidia Control Panel. 
* Go to Program Settings and add Fall Guys to your program list if you 
  have not already.
* Scroll down until you find Vertical Sync and turn it off and press apply.
* Start the game and go in to grapic settings and turn off v-sync.

* Enjoy uncapped FPS!

-=How to Limit FPS=-
If you are uncaping fps you can get too much fps ingame which can make your 
graphics card make a sound (coil whine), your GPU draws as much power as it can 
to produce as many FPS as possible. By limiting the frame rate, you’re limiting 
the power draw – thus reducing coil whine.

To limit the fps download Nvidia Profile Inspector. Open the program. On "Profiles" 
Type the name of the game to cap. In the "Frame Rate Limiter" section clock on the
 "Off" option. Click on the arrow and select the frame rate that you want. 
I have mine at 200 fps. Press apply changes and you are done.

Tips and Tricks for All Current Minigames:
Written by frx

This guide will show you a few tips and tricks that you may or may not have known 
about. I have been using these methods to make it to the finale several times. There 
are people out there who seem to not know about these things, which is why I want 
to share my knowledge.

-=Door Dash=-
* Try to stay a little bit behind and let the other Fall Guys figure out which door is 
  the right one.
* If multiple doors have been dashed already, always take the path with less Fall Guys 
  following the same route.
* You are less likely to fall over while dive-jumping through the open gates.
* If you are one of the first Fall Guys to reach the last 3 doors, either risk a worse 
  placement and jump through a door of your choice or stay behind for a bit and dive-jump 
  through the right gate, once the other Fall Guys have figured it out.

-=Gate Crash=-
* Always run towards the closed gates, they will be open by the time you arrive there. 
  It can take a little bit of time to get used to the timing of the gates, but it will 
  help you a lot with being one of the first Fall Guys to reach the slide.
* Do the same thing at the slide. Once you are halfway down the slide check for the 
  closed gate(s) and slide towards them. Don't forget to jump!
* Dive-jumping can help you get over gates, which started to close up already.

-=See Saw=-
* Patience is key. Wait until the platform balances out before you jump onto it.
* If you absolutely have to get to the next platform, even if it is steep, do NOT jump 
  if you are able to get onto it without doing so. When you jump onto a steep platform 
  it increases your chance of slipping and falling down, which resets you at your last 
  checkpoint. Letting yourself fall onto a steep platform will not cause you to slip, 
  except for when it's too steep.
* Don't wait for others to balance the platforms out, whenever you need to move towards 
  the other end. Keep your patience and don't jump off too early.

-=Roll Out=-
* Use the full potential of your roll. You don't have to switch to another one, as soon 
  as yours starts to roll you off. You can just walk reverse the direction that your 
  roll is rolling until a hole or obstacle is about to come up. 
* That's the time to switch and do it all over again.
* If any other Fall Guys try and grab you, stay on top of the rolls and get to the 
  center. Try to stay safe while they get bored of holding onto you, and if they don't 
  try to jump away from them. Important: Don't jump into them/their direction, because 
  that might bounce you right off of the rolls.
* If you are about to fall off the rolls, try to dive-jump onto one that's rolling upwards 
 with an obstacle or wall on it.

-=Hit Parade=-
* At the very start of the game try to be one of the first Fall Guys to be on the planks 
  or let 1 or 2 people pass and have an easy walk over them.
* Don't be scared to make a big jump towards the middle of the orange plank.
* It isn't worth fighting against a horde of Fall Guys at the spinning gates. 
* Take the path that they are taking, because the gate will rotate their way.
* Try to dive-jump through the opening and closing gate, even if there is a mass of other 
  Fall Guys around. 
* You would be waiting for them to pass it either way, but can be lucky enough to dive-
  jump through.
* Always take a look at where the swinging balls are. If you have to take a step back. 
* It would take much longer to stand up and try it again instead of letting the ball 
  pass for a second.
* Same goes for the slidey ramp. Try to not hit other Fall Guys or the bouncy objects, 
  as you will lose all your momentum. 
* Quickly walk down for a second and go up again, if one of the moving objects comes 
  dangerously close to you. 
* It is much better to take a second or two to recover than to lose your momentum and 
  slide down the ramp.

-=Block Party=-
* There will be a lot of grabbing on this map. Just try to stay centered on the mat and 
  only jump if you have to. Don't jump into other Fall Guys, as that might bounce you off
  of them and down the mat.
* Dive-jump to the sides whenever a block with clear sides is coming up to avoid getting 
  grabbed or pushed.
* Try to walk a little bit forward and pass through blocks with small gaps at the very 
  front of the mat. This will avoid you falling down because of other Fall Guys or them 
  blocking/pushing you away from the gaps.
* Similary, whenever blocks with jumps start appearing, try and move forward or backward 
  on the mat (depending on where there is a free spot) and do your jumps without any other 
  Fall Guys running into you.

-=Rock ‘N’ Roll=-
* You don't need to dive-jump in this game, it is much more helpful to just stay right 
  behind the rock/ball and walk towards it.
* Be the one to organize your team. Whenever an obstacle is coming up, be the first to 
  push the ball from the right side to the left, or from the left side to the right. If 
  your teammates are already trying to avoid an obstacle by pushing the ball away, don't 
  play against them and help them steer the ball.
* Similary, if the ball has decided it's own path don't fight it. The ball is holy and 
  knows it's own place. You should rather stay to the left or right of the ball and steer 
  it in a way, that it won't hit an obstacle within it's own path.
* It is pretty tough to get your ball rolling again, once another team decides to block 
  it. Observe your teammates and try to be helpful. If most of your team is trying to keep 
  the ball rolling, go and grab and pull on the Fall Guys blocking your ball. Otherwise 
  try to steer the ball away from the fighting Fall Guys and try to get it rolling again.

-=Egg Scramble=-
* If you can get a golden egg right at the start that's good, but you shouldn't force it 
  and focus on getting a lot of eggs into your "basket" first.
* You don't need to jump down into your basket every time. Just walk up to your spawn, 
  jump and let go of the grab key with an egg in your hands. Chances are it will either 
  fly or roll right into it.
* Same goes for when you are in an enemies basket. Just hold on to an egg, walk a little 
  bit forward, jump and release the grab key. 
* The eggs will most likely get stuck on the top part of their basket (which doesn't 
  count it anymore) or they will roll right out and down the middle again.

-=Dizzy Heights=-
* At the very start of the map, you can use the bouncy, yellow triangles for a small jump 
  boost. However, I do recommend against using this, because it is not necessarily faster 
  than just taking the regular paths.
* Face the direction that the platform you will be jumping on is spinning towards. If you 
  face the other direction, the force will pull your legs away and make you slip.
* Depending on the spawns of the balls, it might be faster to use all four rows of hiding 
  spots and avoid the balls in a zigzag path. Either way, patience is key in this area.
* Don't forget to jump onto the last spinning platforms and yet again, face the direction 
  that the platforms are spinning towards.
* Stay to the far left or right while running up the last ramp.

-=Perfect Match=-
* Always stay on the thing, that is the hardest for you to remember. Let's say there are 
  3 different fruit tiles: grapes, melons and bananas. I would personally prefer to stay 
  on the grapes and remember a melon and banana tile. If I have to, I will jump onto the 
  right tile.
* There isn't much more to say about this game, since it is fairly easy. If you want to 
  be a little bit mean though, you can always jump onto a wrong tile first and save yourself 
  with a dive-jump onto the right tile in the last second. You will easily get Fall Guys 
  eliminated, who are just following others.

-=Hoopsie Daisy=-
* Find yourself a fairly empty place, if you are able to.
* Focus on an area and try to be the first to jump through the hoops. As example, take 
  the ramps to the far right or left side of the map and walk them up whenever there is 
  a hoop spawning. You can also jump through the hoops that will eventually spawn infront 
  of the ramps.
* If you can observe your surroundings well and have a good reaction time, the ramps in 
  the bottom or upper center of the map are preferrable spots to focus on. Whenever the 
  hoops start to spawn next to or in between the big ramps, walk them up and jump dive-
  jump through them. You can additionally check the areas in between the center and side
  ramps and try to catch one or two of them too.

-=The Whirlygig=-
* Walk counter-clockwise the direction that the bars are rotating. It will be easy to 
  spot and jump over them.
* It is possible to be flung far enough to get an advantage. For this, you should try to 
  get hit clockwise by the bars. Note that this is based on luck and that tip #1 probably 
  is the better way to do this though.
* Either use the boost pad and climb up the wall or DON'T use the boost pad and do a small 
  jump onto the yellow box to then quickly dive-jump onto the next platform.
* Dive-jump through the blades just as one of them is passing you to not get hit by it.
* If you get lucky, the middle path can be the quickest. Most of the time the paths to the 
  left or right will be the fastest ones though. If you want to be safe, you can dive-jump 
  all of the platforms. It is only necessary at the last, big jump however. The last jump 
  can be done without a dive-jump too, but it is quite risky to perform a regular jump there.

-=Slime Climb=-
* It is possible to jump onto the yellow, bouncy triangles at the very beginning of this 
  game, but it is fairly possible to slip and fall with all the other Fall Guys that are 
  going to be trying that. I would recommend just dive-jumping  onto the higher platform 
  right next to it. 
* Stay at the far right side, you should be safe from the balls there.
* It is possible to dive-jump onto the "coinpusher" platform, but this is only necessary 
  when they opening the path, as you will be waiting for them to do so otherwise.
* If the last coinpusher gets too close to you just dive-jump onto the ramp.
* Start at the far right side of the conveyor belt and try to hold your line. Whenever 
  you need to avoid an obstacle either walk backwards or turn left for a second. Because 
  the conveyors movement is to left, you will be much faster walking to the left as well.
* Don't be scared to make big jumps on the yellow tubes. Try to always hit the middle of 
* There is enough room to navigate through the slidey slime without getting hit by the 
  hammers. It is also possible to dive-jump onto the small coinpusher platform at the far 
  back, right corner.
* Be patient at the small coinpushers. Chances are that you will be pushed down again, if 
  you try to skip more than 2 at a time.
* As with other games, don't be scared to walk backwards to "brake" your momentum and steer 
  away from the moving objects. In case that you got hit and are about to fall down, try 
  to dive-jump around the corner, right to before the swinging balls.
* If you don't have enough momentum by the time you reach the swinging balls, don't be 
  too impatient stop right in between them.

-=Fruit Chute=-
* Always stay to the far left or the far right. (No political discussions, please).
* Move your mouse upwards, until you have the best possible view onto the incoming 
* Identify incoming fruits and items and adjust your position whenever you have to.
* Try to not hit the bouncy, pink triangles. They will take all your momentum away and 
  possibly make you slip and fall behind.
* Keep your view up as high as possible once you reach the top, it is still possible for
  fruits to hit and knock you back.

-=Jump Club=-
* The pink bar is not going to hit you, unless you are mid-air.
* You don't have to walk into one direction only. If you notice that the green bar 
  will be right under the pink one, it might be a good idea to walk clockwise and give
  the green bar time to move further out. Similary, you can walk counter-clockwise and 
  right under the pink bar, if you feel like there is going to be a lot of space to jump
  over the green bar that way.
* If you ever get into a tricky situation where the green bar is right under the pink one, 
  you can try to time your jump so that the green bar will hit your lower body and flip 
  you right behind itself.

* It's generally a good idea to focus on the balls with less people around them. Chances 
  are that the balls with crowds of Fall Guys fighting for them are either gonna get stolen 
  or launch into a totally different direction.
* If any of your teammates is alone at a ball, drop the one you are dealing with and go 
  help them. You will much more likely be successful in stealing one this way.
* When there is a crowd of people rolling a ball out of your spawn, judge for yourself 
  if it is really worth trying to fight them. Your strengths might be more useful elsewhere.
* You don't necessarily need to get the balls into your own spawn. Let's say you are in team 
* Example Score: Blue: 2 - Red: 2 - Yellow: 5
* Chances are team yellow are still trying to steal balls out of team red's base or defending 
  their own balls from getting stolen by team red. Why not keep the two balls in your base 
  and help team yellow to make the score 2 - 1 - 6 or even 2 - 0 - 7.

-=Fall Ball=-
* You can "kick" a ball into another to move both towards your enemies goal.
* It is important to always have someone at both balls. If your entire team is focusing on 
  one ball, it might be a good idea to solo the other one or play goalkeeper for a bit.
* After scoring a goal stay right under a newly spawning ball (on the shadow) and jump and 
  hit it at the back part to kick it towards the goal of the enemies. Doing this will 
  sometimes grant the ball to slide right into the goal of the enemies with high momentum.

* For some reason, the rotating mats seem to be the safest places at the start of this game. 
  Get onto one and jump into the purple middle part of it, so that you won't get spun around.
* As the number of the jinxed Fall Guys increases, your rotating mat will eventually get 
  unsafe. At this point there should be jinxed players all over the map though, so your best
  option is to just keep running towards regular people, empty places or pass jinxed players 
  who are focused on hunting other Fall Guys.
* You can make the jump without falling into the trenches. Just dive-jump as usual. Bonus 
  points if you get any other Fall Guys hit by the swinging balls (not actually, but it's fun).
* Another good way of doing this is to let the enemy infect you so that you can start 
  infecting everyone else yourself.

-=Tip Toe=-
* This is another easy game. Just stay back and let the other Fall Guys do most or all 
  of the work.
* You will most likely get pushed onto other tiles (which are probably going to be the 
  wrong ones) by other Fall Guys. Because of this, try to not be on the last tile that 
  was discovered and stay a little bit back.
* It is possible to skip the last line of tiles and dive-jump right into the finish line.
* If you feel lucky, you can try to rush the last 2 lines of tiles and get to be first 
  place. For this, try to hit the correct tile in the second-to-last line and dive-jump 
  to skip the last line of tiles, as described in tip no 3.
* Remember that you will be spawned at the starting point, if you risk it and hit a 
  wrong tile.

-=Tail Tag=-
* It can be frustrating when you grab other Fall Guys, but the game doesn't give you the 
  tail. Keep your calm and focus on what's important.
* This doesn't happen as often, but there usually will be one or two Fall Guys running 
  in circles in the middle of the map, right under the ramps. Walk counter-clockwise to 
  them and spam your grab key, you might get lucky.
* Also in the middle of the map, there will definitely be Fall Guys hiding right at the 
  base of the hammer. Don't rush it and wait until the hammer is right infront of you, 
  before you start walking towards the base. This will avoid you getting hit.
* Once you have the tail yourself, there isn't much else that you can do. Go and hide at 
  the base of the hammer or walk in circles under the ramps.

-=Team Tail Tag=-
* As in all team games, your success doesn't rely on you alone.
* Try to stay calm and play it smart.
* Fall Guys with a tail will usually hide right next to the base of the swinging/rotating 
  hammers. Stay infront of one and start walking towards the hiding Fall Guys, once the 
  hammer is right infront of you. This will make sure that you won't get hit.
* Don't try to aggro your way to the Fall Guys hiding there. You will usually end up getting 
  hit multiple times and the Fall Guys will manage to flee by the time that you are on your 
  feet again.
* If you are one of the Fall Guys with a tail, try and cut corners. I see a lot of people 
  just regulary walking up the ramps to the top floors. This is about life and death, if 
  you want to take clean corners play Assetto Corsa or Forza.
* In case that you have a tail and Fall Guys are catching up with you, use the hammers at 
  the corners for your own good and let them yeet you into the middle of the bottom floor 
  of the map.

-=Royal Fumble=-
* While this is still a Tail Tag game, there is only one tail this time around.
* If you start with the tail, just try to stay ahead of everyone else by using the map to  
  your advantage. Use the jumps and try to get the Fall Guys following you hit by the 
  swinging balls or get a good boost on the rotating mats.
* If you start without the tail, try and follow the tail holder. It is important to cut 
  the them off. You don't have to follow them up every ramp, especially if other Fall Guys 
  are already doing that. Just stay on the bottom floor and keep your eyes on the direction 
  that the tail holder is heading. There is a good chance that they will slip and fall, once 
  they jump to the bottom floor. Thats when you should try and grab it.
* Additionally, most of the Fall Guys should be crowded up in an area within the last 30   
  seconds of the game if you are lucky. Try to stay right behind that crowd and grab the 
  tail whenever you see some Fall Guys slipping, falling behind and the tail switching 
  owners a lot. As soon as you have the tail, try and walk the remaining seconds in a 
  mostly straight path to keep your momentum.

-=Fall Mountain=-
* This game is quite fun, but can be random at times. It depends on a lot of factors 
  like your spawn position, the obstacles that get thrown your way and so on.
* When passing through the spinning gates make sure that there is no rock incoming, 
  because it will either hit you and throw you back or hit the other side of the gate 
  and lose you your momentum right after flinging you away.
* Once you are at the rotating hammers, wait until one of them is right infront of you 
  and then start walking through it. You will avoid getting hit this way. It is important 
  that you jump towards the direction that the hammer is spinning, because in the case 
  that you get hit, you will at least be boosted forward a bit.
* As for the crown, patience is key yet again. Wait until it is at a height at which you 
  can grab it or jump and grab it.
* Do not dive-jump towards the crown. It won't allow you to grab it.

* If there is a free tile right at the start of the match, try to jump onto it.
* Try to avoid dive-jumping as much as possible, as it can sometimes take too long 
  to get back onto your feet, which will cause you to fall down a floor.
* When you are at a lower floor than your opponents, try to make one big hole instead 
  of multiple small holes. If you get lucky, someone from above might fall right through 
  your hole.
* If you are one of the players who managed to stay on the top floors, use the slow 
  jump trick. There is a certain amount of time that you can stay on a tile before it 
  will start "crumbling". Wait till the tile that you are staying on starts to crumble 
  and only then jump to the next one. While you are doing this, keep your mouse at an 
  angle so that you can spot free tiles below you, as you will eventually have to drop
  down one floor.

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