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  Hints and Tips for: Fallout 4 VR 
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 Fallout 4 VR Cheats

Fallout 4 VR

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

While playing the game, press ‘ or @ (~ or ` for US Layout keyboards) to display 
the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to 
activate the corresponding cheat function.
Result                                    Code
God mode                                - tgm
Invincibility to damage                 - tdm
Gain one level                          - player.advlevel
Set level                               - player.setlevel [level]
Toggle no clipping                      - tcl
Buddha mode                             - tim
Show all places on map                  - tmm 1
Full health but radiation remains       - player.resethealth
Kill targeted NPC                       - kill
Set “carryweight” variable              - player.modav carryweight [number]
Toggle AI                               - tai
AI completely ignores you               - tdetect
Toggle attacks from NPCs                - tcai
Resurrects targeted NPC                 - resurrect
Kill indicated creature everywhere      - kill [id]
Fully activate all Pip-Boy map markers  - tmm 1
Kill all NPCs and creatures in the area - killall
Complete every part of main storyline   - caqs
Add item to your inventory              - player.additem[amount]
Equip item from the inventory           - player.equipitem
Change your character’s gender          - sexchange
Set the game hour to indicated value    - set gamehour to [time]
Set field of view; default is “70”      - fov [number]
Free-roam camera                        - tfc
Clear console text                      - cls

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