Fallout - New Vegas - Weapon Modification Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Fallout - New Vegas - Weapon Modification 
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 Fallout - New Vegas - Weapon Modification Cheats

Fallout - New Vegas - Weapon Modification

Weapon Modification Vendor+Den+Healer, Repairer and Trader Vendor Locations:
Submitted by: Arju

Weapon Modification Upgrade Vendor Locations

Location: Goodsprings, Southwest Desert
Modifications: Guns

Cliff Briscoe
Location: Novac, Central Mountains
Modifications: Guns and Energy Weapons

Old Lady Gibson
Location: Gibson Scrap Yard, Central Mountains
Modifications: Energy Weapons

Location: 188 Trading Post, Central Mountains
Modifications: Guns

Knight Torres
Location: Hidden Valley, Central Mountains
Modifications: Guns and Explosives

Dale Barton
Location: The Fort, Northeast Territories
Modifications: Guns and Energy Weapons

Location: Crimson Caravan Company, New Vegas Conurbation Exterior.
Modifications: Guns and Energy Weapons

Location: Gun Runners, New Vegas Conurbation Exterior.
Modifications: Guns, Energy Weapons and Explosives.

Gloria Van Graff
Location: Silver Rush, Free Side, New Vegas Conurbation Interior.
Modifications: Energy Weapons

Great Khan Armorer
Location: Red Rock Canyon in the Northwest Mountains.
Modifications: Guns
Gambling Den Locations

Games: Blackjack, Roulette and Slots.

Ultra-Luxe Casino
Games: Blackjack and Roulette

The Tops Casino
Games: Blackjack, Roulette and Slots.

Games: Blackjack, Roulette and Slots.

Atomic Wrangler
Games: Blackjack, Roulette and Slots.

Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters
Games: Blackjack.
Healer, Repairer and Trader Vendor Locations

Healer and Dealer: Doc Mitchell
Healer and Dealer: Trudy
Trader: Chet

Healer and Dealer: Jas Wilkins

Trader: Johnson Nash

Mojave Outpost
Repairer: Major Knight with a skill level of 100
Trader: Lacey

188 Trading Post
Repairer: Samuel Kerr with a skill level of 40
Trader: Samuel Kerr
Trader: Michelle Kerr
Trader: Arms Merchant
Trader: Alexander

NCR Ranger Safehouse
Trader: Ranger Gomez

Black Mountain
Repairer: Raul Tejada with a skill level of 100

Hidden Valley
Healer and Dealer: Senior Scribe Schuler
Repairer: Knight Torres with a skill level of 100
Trader: Knight Torres

Gibson Scrap Yard
Repairer: Old Lady Gibson with a skill level of 65
Trader: Old Lady Gibson

NCR Correctional Facility
Trader: Carter

Healer and Dealer: Doctor Ada Straus
Trader: Cliff Briscoe

Camp Forlorn Hope
Healer and Dealer: Doctor Richards
Trader: Quartermaster Mayes

Cottonwood Cove
Trader: Decanus Severus

Caesar?s Legion Safehouse
Trader: Veteran Atticus

Hoover Dam
Trader: Quartermaster Bardon

Followers? Outpost
Healer and Dealer: Doctor Alvarez

Nellis Air Force Base
Healer and Dealer: Doctor Argyll

Nellis Hangars
Healer and Dealer: Boomer Chef
Trader: Boomer Munitions

The Fort
Healer and Dealer: Siri
Repairer: Dale Barton with a skill level of 30.
Trader: Dale Barton

Camp Golf
Healer and Dealer: Doc Sawbones

Boulder City
Healer and Dealer: Ike

Bitter Springs
Healer and Dealer: Lieutenant Markland

Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse
Repairer: Paladin Sato with a skill level of 100.

Freeside?s North Gate
Healer and Dealer: Julie Farkas
Healer and Dealer: Tapper
Healer and Dealer: Genaro?s Fodder

Freeside?s East Gate
Healer and Dealer: Dixon

Mick & Ralph?s
Repairer: Mick with a skill level of 75.
Trader: Mick
Trader: Ralph

Silver Rush
Trader: Gloria Van Graff

The Tops Casino
Healer and Dealer: Restaurant Bartender
Healer and Dealer: Aces Theater Bartender

Healer and Dealer: Zoara Club Bartender
Healer and Dealer: Brimstone Bartender
Healer and Dealer: Lower Brimstone Bartender

Ultra-Luxe Casino
Healer and Dealer: Top Shelf Bartender
Healer and Dealer: Gourmand Food Supplier
Healer and Dealer: Street Vendor

Vault 21
Trader: Sarah Weintraub

NCR Embassy
Trader: Mister Holdout

Gun Runners
Trader: Vendortron

Camp McCarran
Healer and Dealer: Doctor Kemp
Healer and Dealer: Corporal William Farber
Healer and Dealer: Sergeant Contreras

Aerotech Office Park
Healer and Dealer: Bert Gunnarsson

Crimson Caravan Company
Trader: Blake

Miguel?s Pawn Shop
Trader: Miguel

New Vegas Medical Clinic
Healer and Dealer: Docor Usanagi

Grub n? Gulp Rest Stop
Trader: Lupe
Trader: Fitz

Westside Co-op
Trader: Clayton Etienne

Klamath Bob?s Liquor Store
Trader: Klamath Bob

Red Rock Canyon
Trader: Great Khan Armorer

Red Rock Drug Lab
Healer and Dealer: Jack

Repairer: Calamity with a skill level of 60
Trader: Calamity

Followers Safehouse
Healer and Dealer: Doctor Luria

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