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  Hints and Tips for: Farm Manager 2018 
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 Farm Manager 2018 Cheats

Farm Manager 2018

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tilde (~) opens console with cheat option “money x” where x is amount, 
can be negative number.

Note: This cheat code will not work in the final version of the game (
Only for older/beta versions).

Tips & Tricks:
* In order to be able to use a tractor on a field, one side of the field 
  must be at least 30 squares. The overall number of hectares of the field 
  is irrelevant. A 30 x 10 will work, but a 25 x 12 will not, even though 
  both have the same area.
* A 10 x 10 field will grow 2 fruit trees, but a 10 x 11 will grow 4.
* The minimum field size of 0.01 hectares has 2 worker slots. 
  Each additional 0.01 hectare adds another worker slot. 
  So 3 worker slots for 0.02 hectares, 4 worker slots for 0.03, etc.
* Livestock Breeding: Do sell your live stock when it reaches to its 
  capacity. They wont breed if there is no space. Till they provide some 
  auto sell option of livestock we should maage this manually.
* Auto Trade: Consider enabling Auto Trade on products you produce. It 
  is under Trade options. Select the Item and activate infinity if you 
  wish to sell all the produce or stock. During start of the game you 
  cannot build processing plants hence setting this to Auto Trade saves 
  some time.
* Manual Save: Campaigns cannot be started from last chapter. If you 
  make mistakes in decisions, you need to restart the whole game. This 
  game has so many glitches, so frequent saving helps by reloading which 
  sometimes fixes the issues.

The Profits of Your Crops:
Written by Chiken

Use this guide to calculate the profits of your crops.

These are the yields calculated by 0.01/ha with plowing, cultivating, soil 
fertility and moisture at 100% at the time of harvest. These numbers were 
calculated with no training bonuses. Also note the skill to care for plants 
gives a 20% larger yeild for every point added so with the skill maxed at 5/5 
you can get 2x the yield. Another thing to note is that the skill to care for 
plants does not affect your yield if you use a harvester, it only works if you 
harvest by hand.

Fruit Type - Yield/0.01ha

Buckwheat	- 230
Colza - 294
Lupine	- 230
Sorghum - 240
Oat	- 230
Wheat	- 349
Rye - 257
Corn	- 583
Sunflower	- 213
Potato	- 788
Pumpkin	- 1276

Fruit Type - Yield/0.01ha
Starwberry - 112
Cabbage - 756
Tomato - 576
Cucumber - 2257
Red pepper - 240
Raspberry - 96

Fruit Type - Yield/0.01ha
Corn - 2333
Lupine - 918
Sorghum - 960
Trees (0.03 Ha)
Fruit Type - Yield/0.01ha

Cherry - 1080
Apple - 4176
Pear - 3456

Buffs / Debuffs

Cause - Effect

Not Plowed	-7%
Not Cultivated	-31%
Soil Fertility 1%-100% - No effect
Soil Fertility 0% - Dead
Hand Harvested	-50%

Note: this was calculated on hard difficulty.

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