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  Hints and Tips for: Farm Together 
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 Farm Together Cheats

Farm Together

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fishing Quest Guide:
Written by Brobba

This shows the simplest way to do those annoying grindquests which has fishing 
in them. This is the optimal way to fish as of right now.
They need to fix this eventually though. 

-=How to Do It (Method)=-
It's really simple. As of right now you it's not useful to place your fishponds 
together. Even if you put 4 fishponds together it doesn't raise the catchrate %,
or give you more fish even if you succeed to get fish from that huge pond.

The way to do it now is to separate the fishponds and make a huge field. 
That way you get a higher chance to get those fish towards your 100+ fish quests.

Make sure to do a zigzag pattern and you'll be fit to fight!

Some Tips and Tricks:
Written by DeathClaw

Farm Together is an amazing game. Over 70 hours of playing I have learned things 
the hard way. Now that I am a Veteran of the game. I put together a list of tips 
that has helped me be more successful with less grinding. Here are the tips that 
help me succeed in Farm Together.

Always plant trees of the same kind together and post a sign. 

Combine fish of the same kind in large ponds.I tried to single pond for each fish 
method, but it was too time consuming. Be sure to place a sign post of each type 
of fish. 

Place all farm animals in the same area. I made the mistake of placing animals 
where ever I had space, only to be running around trying too remember where I put 
certain animals. 

When doing quests, plant only the crops, trees needed for those quests. 
It will help you get through faster. 

A new feature: Flower beds once planted continues to yield flowers. 
All you need to do is water, and harvest. 

Be sure to check your quests daily to see what needs to be done. 

If you are visiting other Gamer's farms, be courteous and say Hi. We don't bite. 
And you can make a new friend or two by just saying Hello, Hola,, Priviyet, 
Bonjour, etc. 

Try to unlock water sprinkler asap as they will help if you have super large farms. 
The sprinklers will water plants and crops for you. 

Always plants trees you have unlocked. So you won't have to be running around trying 
to when quests calls for it. You already have lots planted.

Cheat Codes:
Written by noderunner

How to activate and use a few built-in cheat codes in Farm Together.

Step 1: Enable Cheats
For the cheats to work, you need to change the game’s launch options. It’s easy to do:

Right click the game in your library and go to Properties > General Tab > Set Launch Options.
Enter “-cheats2” without the quotes and click OK and close the Properties window.
You can now launch the game like normal, everything should look the same.
Continue to the next step to learn how to use your new power.

Step 2: The Codes
Timeskip – Skip Forward 5 Minutes
Enter the code “timeskip” on your keyboard while in-game, your time will fast-forward 
5 minutes. You can type it as many times as you want in a row.

All your Fish, Crops, Flowers, Animals, etc.. will progress.
The seasons will progress along with the day/night cycle.
If you’re playing multiplayer your time will become desynced from the other players, 
which means items can be in a state where they’re harvestable for you but not other players.
Luckily it doesn’t seem to affect the time remaining on farmhands or boost.
Ravpic – A Screenshot Tool
Enter the code “ravpic” on your keyboard while in-game, it hides the entire HUD. I believe 
the developers used this to capture screenshots for the Steam store page. 
What advantage does this have over Photo Mode? You keep full control over your character.

Extra: My Opinion on Cheating (That Nobody Asked For)
I believe people should be able to play the game the way they want to, if you decide to 
cheat that’s your own personal decision and responsibility.

I’d like to see the developers add in more accessible cheats like a creative sandbox 
mode to the game for people who want that. The multiplayer component makes it more 
challenging but perhaps sandbox-mode farms could simply be invite-only or marked as a 
sandbox farm on the multiplayer farm list.

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