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  Hints and Tips for: Fatal Hearts 
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 Fatal Hearts Cheats

Fatal Hearts

Cheat Codes:

Skipping Puzzles:
To skip a puzzle, hit F10. A window will come up asking you
to enter a code. Type in 

skip_puzzle( ) 

Then you will be prompted for a code number. This number is different 
for every puzzle. 
Once a puzzle has been passed, even with the cheat code, it can be skipped 
on later plays by bringing up the control menu from the circle-cross and 
choosing Exit Puzzle. 

Who is Kirsten - Katie or Christina? 
Both, and neither. Reincarnation is not that simple. As Lucy says - Christina 
is Christina. She has some of Kirsten's memories. But she's not the only one. 
Little bits of Kirsten have popped up in many girls over the years - some of 
which Bastian's followers tried to claim as Kirsten Reborn, and some of which 
they never even knew about. There could be dozens of girls all over the world 
who had a tiny bit of Kirsten in them! So - Christina has some of Kirsten's 
memories. Katie has a much smaller amount. The cult summoning spell detects 
Christina, as she's the strongest match anywhere nearby. But Bastian can be 
perfectly happy with either of them.

How did Sebastien become a vampire? 
During his travels, he met a woman named Tarrenta. She promised to teach him 
secrets of magic, and they became close. Eventually she told him she was a 
vampire, and tried to convince him to join her, to leave Kirsten and become 
Tarrenta's eternal lover. Believing that vampires were evil, Sebastien 
pretended to love her in order to get close enough to attack her and cut out 
her heart, killing her. Sebastien knew that a vampire's heart contained magical 
power, so he brought it back home with him, sealed in a special box. He kept 
this hidden from Kirsten in a cave, reminding him of the caves Tarrenta used 
for her ceremonies. Eventually, feeling powerless to defeat the bandits, 
Sebastien used the heart to turn himself into a vampire and gain Tarrenta's 
power for himself.

Tips and Codes:
Hit F10. A window will open asking you for a code. Type in skip_puzzle(). 
Another window will open asking for the specific puzzle code. Use the 
following (puzzles listed in order of appearance in the game):

Opening the Book - 262
Cell Phone Puzzle - 580
Escaping the Police - 975
Cleaning the House - 35
The Soccer Game - 335
The Car Chase - 645
The Board Game - 1230
The Clock Puzzle - 1350
Tracing the Rune - 110
Eight-Pointed-Star - 485
Box of Runes - 545
Crowded Mall - 660
Hiding in Leaves - 200
Frisbee Toss - 530
Zener Cards - 630
Measuring Flour - 980
Playing Tag - 1071
Battling the Cult - 1380
Rose Petals - 75
Wolfriemen Translation - 330
Opening the Safe - 435
Playing Joust - 655
Picking the Lock - 350
Searching the Bedroom - 125
Magic Circle Arrows - 766
The Dreamcatcher - 80
Piggy Bank - 190
Decrypting the Book - 335.

Bastians Place:
there's a door that needs to be opend over at bastians place...
code: 500 (follow the above instructions)
Took me a while to figure that one out :)

Cell Phone:
Someone was asking about the "hello" for the cell phone


Escaping The Cops Solution:
D=Down U=Up L=Left R=Right
Exit Left

Chapter 3:
If you want to reach chapter 3 ( or more ) , dont go with jeremy when you 
come out of the woods ( after the dead body ). Instead , choose to run 

The code in the keypad at Sabiastien mansion.

First  - Gift
Second - Game
Third  - Joy

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