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  Hints and Tips for: Favorite Teacher 
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 Favorite Teacher Cheats

Favorite Teacher

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

These are all the cheats working on v0.54:

7IkC1g9pJ9 – adds 500$ cash
oTFVMYhlTZ – activates Secret Panel 
             (set Affection for the girls and Player stats)
znrSU5EENG – gives you some giftable items (like Chocolate)
aMHN3EMgRy – gives you some quest specific items
RuocPSnMr3 – adds 1 teacher level (qualification)
wxgJ152FJt – adds 30 to maxStamina
MEoOJgezIc – enables the back button

You can utilize the majority of them as often times as you want. 
Which basically implies unlimited cash, limitless items, Max teacher 
degree, as well as also unlimited endurance.

-=How to Use them?=-
Just start playing and also progress till you can enter your space in your 
home as well as use the laptop computer. Activate the laptop and also select
the rip off choice, as soon as there just enter the code and click on check 
to make it possible for the rip off.

-=How to find characters?=-
You don’t require cheats to discover personalities. Simply open the personalities 
food selection (left food selection) and also click on any one of the personalities
profile to reveal their areas and rate of interest.

When you understand where to locate the character of your selection make sure to 
see her with sufficient stamina (+500) as well as cash (+10 k) and communicate 
with her up until you open all the occasions as well as scenes. 
If you obtain stuck examine her account information once more, due to the fact t
hat occasionally to progress with a personality needs finishing specific activities 

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