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  Hints and Tips for: Frank Herbert's Dune 
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 Frank Herbert's Dune Cheats

Frank Herbert's Dune

Submitted by: rickHH

Identify how many shots with each weapon it takes to 
kill an enemy. Different enemies will require a 
different amount of shots before taken down. 
Conserve and use your ammo wisely as there is not an 
abundance within the game.

When Paul is almost out of life, his health meter will 
turn red. At this time you can use 'The Voice' that will 
neutralize characters. Use you Krys to eliminate them and 
regain some health. You can also use the distiller to 
regain life if there is enough in the blue meter.

Always check what your objectives are in the menu. The 
objectives that are faded indicate that they have already 
been completed.

The game requires a lot of stealth movement. Use the mouse 
to peek around corners even when Paul isn't standing 
directly against a wall. You can almost 'cheat' to see 
what's around the corners.

Guards normally patrol or rotate, learn their pattern and 
strike them when they least expect it. Not giving them a 
chance to alert other guards will help increase your 
chance of survival.

Mission 1
Outside the harvester

Kill as many guards as you can using your Krys. The 
guards will turnaround while standing; therefore time 
it wisely to sneak up on them to take them out.

Mission 2
Killing Kynes will result in a game over. Be sure to 
let him live.
You must find and deactivate the cannons prior to taking 
off with the Orni or you will be shot down.

Mission 3
Find the Green and Blue codes within the conveyor belt 
There are two magnetic passes that you need to find 
before continuing into the blue zone.
To get past the laser beam that is stationary, lean 
against the wall and roll underneath it.

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