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 Fifa 2001 Cheats

Fifa 2001

Submitted by: Bineesh.m

Sometimes when you kick a corner the keeper would 
punch the ball out of the box.The ballmight fly to 
you.You've gotta press shot(D) twice for the overhead 
kick.the keeper would miss the ball and it woulad be 
a goal.

Submitted by: Aimal Hawk.

Go to the main folder where you have installed the 
game. For example, \"X:\\FIFA 2001\\\". 
(Where \"X\" is the name of the drive in which 
the \"FIFA 2001\" Folder exists). Now find a file 
named \"aimain.ini\". Open it by double clicking it. 
It should start something like this:

// aimain.ini


Now, since the code lines are easy to read, you can, 
therefore, easily edit there values. For example, set 
the value of the line:




As you must have guessed, the code is about the maximum 
velocity of the ball. Therefore, if you will increase 
the value, the ball will go at a higher speed or according 
to the value you have changed in this file. Similarly, 
you can change the values of other code lines.

Unlimited Money and Arttibutes:
Submitted by: Matthew Phiong

Complete an English season with Everton conceding no 
more than 25 goals on professional difficulty. If you 
succeed you will be able to play with the special World 
XI Team. If you win a World Cup with this team you will 
be able to have unlimited money and unlimited attributes.
Update by: Stefan 

Type at the Main Menu: 

Code               Result 
Lightsout        - Players are Radioactive When Lights are Off
Dizzy            - Aliens Come From the Sky
Gimmethemoney    - Add Money 
Playersmaybe     - Free Players 
Bigheads         - Big Head Mode 
Playersarelocked - Players on Opposite Team Cannot Move 

Submitted by: Moritz Kick

You can win when you put the other team on 1-2-3 
good better the best.
You must buy two quick player.
They must play on right and on left. 
When own of them had the ball you must run ton the 
goallinie. There you must kick like a corner (A). 
Than you must click 2 times on (D). And goal!!!!!

Every Shot is a Goal:
Create your own team and name it "Dreamers". 
Then name two players on the team *everyshot* 
and *isagoal*.

If you find yourself having trouble scoring goals after 
awhile, change up your lines and strategies. A constant 
variety throws the computer off. 

Unless you love red cards, don't overuse the power slide. 

Don't be afraid to utilize the game's variety of kicks for 
all their effectiveness; sometimes a goal-shot-strength 
kick is all you need to clear the ball out of your goal area.

Submitted by: sanjog subedi

When u are playing game go to game controllers & change side.
then go to team managenment & in that make kepper hitting corners,
free kicks.if u do that u can score goal easily.....


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