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  Hints and Tips for: Fifa 1996 
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 Fifa 1996 Cheats

Fifa 1996

When you have the ball, run down the sideline holding down CTRL. Most
of the time the diving tackles will miss or it will be your throw-in 
When you get to the corner turn and let go of control to loft the ball 
erfectly in front of the goal.  If you have a good team you have a very
good chance of scoring a goal.

Another cheat is if you are doing a corner, place the yellow circle on
the dot in front of the goal near the outside of the box. Then kick 
with the lob button and hold into the goal and you can score with no
one touching the ball.

Once in the game, go to a friendly game and make team 1 Vancouver from
America and team 2 Canada from International. (not quite sure if it's 
meant to be in that order) Now hold CTRL+ALT+INSERT. A menu will come 
up that lets you change your teams defaults. After doing this you can 
change any team you want to.

Special teams:
Select the "Quit To DOS" option on the game selection screen. Type
xplay [Return] during the credits. The "Friendly Game" menu will 
appear with five extra teams (All Nighters, As Designed, Strontium 
90, The Gimps, and the Rod Benders) called the EA Superstars. Some 
players on these teams have special abilities.

Enhanced play modes:
Enter the "Friendly Team" selection menu. Assign Vancouver in the USA 
League to the team on the left. Assign Canada in the International 
League to the team on the right. Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Insert] to 
display the "Enhanced Play Modes" menu. Once activated, this menu may 
be displayed by pressing [F1]. This menu contains the following options. 

Ball Size (Normal/Big/Bigger/Biggest) 
Ball Personality (Normal/Curve Ball/Crazy Ball) 
Invisible Walls (Disabled/Enabled) 
Team A/B Size (Normal/Big Player/Big Team) 
Jersey (Normal/Beefcake/Suspenders/Muscle Shirt/Invisible Man) 
Goalie (Normal/Lame) 
Players (Normal/Super Goalie/Super Defense/Super Offense/Super Team) 
Shots (Normal/Super)

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