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  Hints and Tips for: Fifa 1999 
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 Fifa 1999 Cheats

Fifa 1999

Submitted by: [V]imal Raveendran

When u are taking the ball towards the goalie of your opponent. The goalie will
charge with his body bent,now press the button 'Q',you will jump over the goalie
and walk into the goal(with the ball of course).

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

To get the Winter introduction, repeatedly type "win" while the game is loading.

Finding Shevchenko:
Submitted by: Anij T.J

AC Milans star striker shevchenko could be found at Dynamo kyiv in Rest of Europe.

Finding Barthez:
Barthez plays for Monaco at France.

Finding Romario:
He plays for Flemengo in Brazil.

Finding Overmars:
He plays for Galatasaray at Rest of Europe.

Finding Nakata:
Japaneese legendary footballer Nakata Hiketoshi. Could be found at Perugia FC,

Always have your defenders and strikers in an odd no(3 or 5).
It would help you to score goals easily together with a pretty defence.

The fast way is the best way.Plan your attacks fast and vigourously. The
opponent will become stuck and you could score goals simply.

When you buy players dont give too much money seeing only his physical 
abilities.Always try to buy star players to your side.They are the one who
makes differences.

It would be better to play with one team for a long time. Do not change your
first eleven continuously because it takes some time to get a coordination.
Please play with Juventus FC,Turin ,ITALIA

Buy A.Cale from USA.He is a nice striker.

When you play an important game try the following idea. Change max no. of 
subs=5 then from team management fill all substitutes with strikers and 
one midfielder start playing. In the first half give your attension not 
to scoregoals but to keep your area safe.Set the IGM for that purpose 
(With 5 diffenders,3mid fielders and two strikers).At half time go to 
substitutions and change two diffenders with one striker and one 
midfielder also substitute other two playing strikers with any other two.
Then change IBM to 3diff,4mid and 3 striker This will put your opposition
to a confusion and you can easily score.

Magical goalkeeper:
Submitted by: Anij T.J
Buy S.Klos from Dortmund,Germany to your side and save changes. Then goto
player edit in main screen. Select Klos from your team and make the following

Shoot acc:6
Head acc:1
give the max. possible value to theball controll
and make the other values as less to fulfill the above configuration. It is
pretty difficult to defeat the goalkeeper now.

Press "R" while you play
Press "T" while you play

Secret Moves:
Submitted by: Gautam Kaviraj

When a player of your team has the ball press :

Alt + A - acrobatic rainbow flip
Alt + S - fool the defender
Alt + D - Flip 
Alt + E - Fool the defender and    
          and control the ball
Alt + W - Turbo Sprint

Here's an easy way to get your opponent team's players booked and red
carded: When a player of your team has the ball and the opposite team's
player is about to tackle you press Alt+Q your player falls dramatically,
you get a free kick and ta-da your opponent get needlessly booked.

Submitted by: Mohamad kazem Motallebi

Finding Pele:
Win all three cups under the highest difficulty setting with any team. 
Pele will appear on team Brazil’s roster. 

Super players:
Rename any player to one of the following names to increase their skills:


Submitted by: Mohamad kazem Motallebi

Chang the controller to opposite team.(in the game). then go to team 
management. Now in the kick takers make the goalkeeper to bit the free
kick, spot kick, and corners. Again change the controller to your team. 
Now when the keeper bit corner or free kicks, you can easily get the ball
and just shoot it. The ball goes to the goal without any goal kipper!

SHOT at the teamlist menu for a dog in the game. It can work only when

Submitted by Abhinav Varma -

Play as Atlanta Attack
To play as the Atlanta Attack, beat the Champions Cup with Brazil on 
Professional level.

Bash Opponents. 
To bash your opponents (injure them) you have to do the following: 

Turn bookings off. 
Go to the referees strictness, make it defined and pull the bar left. 

Put offside off. 
When you're playing start pressing Q to the players, this will make 
your players bash the opposition without getting a card or a free kick. 

Finding Ronaldo. 
Ronaldo can be found as G. Silva on Inter Milan and Brazil 

Secret moves. 
Press these keys while playing the game.secret moves: 

Alt+A      Rainbow kick
Alt+S      Drag the ball
Alt+D      Spin
Alt+Q      Fake a trip
Alt+E      Double step-over
W          Sprint

Winter Intro
Type win repeatedly while the game loads
(reported as invalid code?-Try it and see!)'

New Teams
When the opening sequence starts up, type in iwantmorefun 
within 5 secs.  Then, when in team selecter, you will find 
that all teams have the choice of new and old teams, ALL new 
kits, and the Spice Girls team!

Tip 1 
There's something deadly about corner kicks taken low and 
very hard, almost straight across the dead ball line. To 
enhance your chances of success, make sure you move a man 
close to the near post, right in front of the goalkeeper. 
Once the corner is taken, punch the shoot button and you 
may just find the ball squeaking between goalie and post. 
And if that doesn't make it in, look for a tasty rebound. 
We estimate a 25 percent success ratio with this play 
(at the Professional level, no less). 

Tip 2
Taking a cue from tip 1, late crosses from extremely deep 
in the corner are one of the surest ways of setting up 
scoring opportunities, especially if you've placed four or 
five players up front. This is even more applicable in 
FIFA 99 than in previous versions, simply because CPU- 
controlled players now move more aggressively to open spots. 

Tip 3
Wanna win in World Class mode? Then get a handle on the 
advanced Skill modes available on buttons 7 and 8 of the 
controller. Of course, it almost goes without saying that 
an eight-button gamepad is no longer a luxury for this 

Tip 3
Remembering tip 3, pay careful attention to the Flick-over 
and the Step-over Nutmeg. These advanced moves will get 
both your player and the ball up and over an attacker's 
slide tackle, something you'll have to do all the time in 
the difficult Professional and World Class modes. 

Tip 4
The frequency of good scoring chances multiplies with 
increased offensive zone possession. In other words, keep 
the ball in the other team's half of the field and you'll 
get more than your share of goals and scoring opportunities. 

Tip 5
Altering team strategies constantly throughout a match will 
throw the opposition into some disarray. Again, you'll need 
an eight-button pad because you can't even access FIFA's 
In-Game Management utility with a two- or four-button controller. 

Tip 6
Several cameras offer a better look at the beautiful players 
EA has created for FIFA 99, but the F8 overhead view gives you 
the widest read of the proceedings, a necessity for intelligent 
play composition.

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