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  Hints and Tips for: Fifa Manager 2008 
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 Fifa Manager 2008 Cheats

Fifa Manager 2008

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Easy money:
Use a text editor to edit the "house.txt" file in the directory:
"\ea sports\fifa manager 08\user\objects". Change the very last line to: 


By doing this, when you buy the Palace you are given nearly £900 million
into your personal wallet (which can be donated to the club).

Submitted by: nik felani

Hey manager 08 out there.....i got some tips, not the good one but ah...
money work out.....when u reach the prestige 8....wanna make some money 
during the transfer period....purchased ben arfa or far meantime 
put them in the club transfer list....the price in that time will be 
17000000,ask for more if arsenal or liverpool try to get them...but i mean 
time try to sign a new player by scouting....(americas) def style....i can 
coupe my fund in 8 level prestige 190000000 that cool...extend nasri 
n c.ronaldo contract n don't waste too many time to purchase other....
my new squad list...try...its effective.....
be a manager man.united




when rooney is on the pitch used the ori man.u formation..let ronaldo be a striker 
on right,while navas is on right wing...don't ever change rooney in second half,let 
him play 90 effect morale chemistry,try to make daren fletcher take all 
the free kick given...even do he just 68 on free kick,but shot accurate is important,
he's a good man marking,dont let him a versatile def,he can play 
cb and rb...when the board wanna make u to balance the account...a.s.a.p,put ben 
arfa on transfer list,n buy a new striker from brazil or sign a new youth,...b.arfa 
is expensive in that period of time,in about 39-45 not sell it to 
liverpool,coz f.torres is there,it will be a perfect combination to them....
i can say a success full manager right now..hehehehehe...

Hint - Unlimited transfer:
Submitted by: Jahmaica

I've found a way to get unlimited transfer budget right from the start. Use the
make money cheat i.e edit the "\user\house.txt" and edit the price of any item 
with a negative number (e.g -2000000000). When in the game, buy the item you've
modified the price and then go to Career options and buy the club you are playing.
You will get unlimited transfer budget and whatever the bid you place for a player,
the board will not interfere. I've bought Francesco Totti for 75m.

Submitted by: Undertaker

hi.. i found new team that you can get championship cup very easy..
Team must be in italy: Cagliaro
GK: Akinfeew
RB: Gkhan Gonul
CB: Servet Cetin
CB: Mascherano
LB: Obafemi Martins
RM: Nani
LM: Arda Turan
FLC:Gokdeniz Karadeniz
FRC:Sylvian Wiltord

try and... enjoy getting easyly Championship Leage Cup!!!

Submitted by: asdas

This is mainly for career mode when you start with a really shit team. First thing
you should do, and i mean FIRST, just bid for arshavin. he is out of contract in 
the beginning of the season, and the club just has to give him for free. dont be 
afraid to pay him a large salary, hes worth it. 
(8 matches, 11 goals, club plymouth argyle)

Submitted by: crazy cheese

A great player for the lower leagues simon russell from kidderminster harriers he 
has a lot of potential and will sign for almost any club and is not to expensive 
also paul taylor for vauxhall motors he does not scored for up to five games but 
after he is a goal magnet.

Submitted by: ryan

It works go on database editor and go on jason bryne from cardiff city change his 
name to bin ban straight away this thing comes up then you can make fifa manager 
the game the way you like it.its class u can even add your face to a player and 
make new vip boxes. I know it sounds like its not true but its true.its classsss!

Submitted by: Douglas

Open the database editor, select the team you wish to play with and give all the 
players great attributes. I did this with Wrexham and I am presently beating 
everyone including Premiership teams with this 2nd division team!!! Make sure 
you have enough money to keep your super playes. Else if someone else buys them
you'll be in a lot of trouble.

Submitted by: Midovich

My tip for fifaM08 fans, here is a list of a very potential players, trust me:
Arshavin(Zt petersburg, AM), Tom Huddlestone(Tottenham, CB DM), Beniot Costil, 
Yohan(GK, ST, Caen), Mario Gomez(ST), Marko Marin(Brussia M'glad AM), Lukas
(ST Everton).

The secret is not just a 5 star player, but it comes from the setting of the players
whether they have a 99 level potential or not, and they all have, the list is too 
long but u just can have those for a small transfer fee.

Submitted by: Jhony

If you want to buy a player with 10000Euro, when you start to play select Romania!
At U.Cluj (This team can be simulated only if you select Romania) there are 2 players
with grat atributies, but with a very low price! Calin Moldovan and Bogdan Farcas are
two very poor GK but if you put them on an other position(every position except GK) 
they will grow up to level 95(first time they play will have a level about 60) in 
just half a season! I've bought them with 20000Euros BOTH, and I've sold them with
60.000.000 EACH after 2 season!

For winning matches:
Submitted by: Tobex

you be a manager of the team you want to loss set all the players forward and st a 
player as a keeper you will win easy yaeh!

Awesome Striker:
Submitted by: Sheenjr

Pavel pogrebnyak is brillant striker of zenit st.peterberg in russia and is a must buy. 
I got him in my second season and he scored 39 goals altogether and he has scored 38 goals 
so far now and i am in april of the next season.

Great striker: 
Submitted by: mijie

* luis suarez
* sergio aguaro 

If you buy in first game , put them each match in team and after 4 years you can see 99
point each skill. its true i play this game 2007-2020.

Recommended players:
Try to obtain the following players for your team. 

Arda Turan 
Arshavin (Zenit Petersburg, AM) 
Ben Arfa 
Beniot Costil 
C. Ronaldo 
Daren Fletcher 
G. Bale (Spurs) 
G. Castro 
Gkhan Gonul 
Gokdeniz Karadeniz 
J. Navas 
J. Obi Mikel (Chelsea) 
Joao Moutinho (Sporting L) 
K. Benzema 
Luis Suarez 
Lukas (ST Everton) 
Mario Gomez (ST) 
Marko Marin (Brussia M'glad AM) 
Miguel Veloso 
Milner (Youth) 
N. Vidic (Man. U) 
Neuer (Shalke 04) 
Obafemi Martins 
P. Mastecker (W. Bremen) 
Pavel Pogrebnyak (Zenit St.Peterberg) 
R. Drenthe (Real Madrid) 
Richard (Man C.) 
Rio F. (Man U.) 
Sergio Aguaro 
Servet Cetin 
Simon Russell (Kidderminster Harriers) 
Sylvian Wiltord 
Thigo H (Spain) 
Tom Huddlestone(Tottenham, CB DM) 
W. Rooney 
Yohan(GK, ST, Caen)

Rene Alder:
Submitted by: Jordan

Dont buy Rene Alder he might be 80 but his level will keep dropping down!

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