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  Hints and Tips for: Final Fantasy IV 
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 Final Fantasy IV Cheats

Final Fantasy IV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Piercing Magic Augment:
In this version of Final Fantasy IV, you won't encounter Whyt. However, there is a
sidequest in the Feymarch that involves an Eidolon whose companions went off and 
never returned. Once you talk to him, this quest begins, and can be completed at 
any time before the finale. The order in which the Eidolon's suggests are as follows: 
"The oasis": He's at the Kaipo Lake. "To observe a view": He's at the Mt. Ordeals
Summit. "To fly to the sky": He's at the Black Chocobo Forest near Troia. "Getting 
runk": At the Lali-Ho Pub in Dwarf Castle. "Making a friends with an Eidolon": 
Sylvan Hut, Sylph Cave, where you find Yang, on the second floor. "Wants to become 
brave": At the well in Koppol Forge. "Has musical taste": Hummingway Cave, Moon, he's
at the northwest. "Went on a lunar excursion": Near Bahamut's Throne, Lair of the 
Father, Moon. Once you have all eight Eidolons sent home, talk to the Eidolon near 
the entrypoint of the cave and you'll get free transport to the Feymarch. Talk to 
the Eidolon starting the quest and you get the "Piercing Magic" augment, which 
enables spells to bypass barriers, including Reflect.

Refilling MP on the moon:
While on the moon (whether you are with Fusoya or after he leaves your party), you
get the Bless augment. Equip it. When you encounter a Moon Maiden or Dark Sage, 
cast Toad on them with Rydia, and kill the rest of the enemies if needed, then 
cast Bless on your party. You can fully cure your party then regain your party's
MP with Bless; just use Defend on all of your party members. The Toad does 1 
damage to your party member. You can just keep using Defend until you are all 
fully cured; when your MP is full, kill the Toad.

Defeating Rubicante:
The Elemental Archfiend Of Fire, Rubicante, has an attack named xInferno that damages 
your party while healing him. He only uses that attack when his cloak is open. While 
his cloak is open, have Edge use Steal. This will force Rubicante to close his cloak 
and prevent him from using that attack.

View credits:
Enter the developer's room in the Dwarves Castle. Look at the shelf behind the 
doll in the first room to view the game's credits.

"Darkness" augment:
Once you have the "Steal" augment, give it to Edge. After visiting the Land of 
the Eidolons and gaining Asura and Leviathan, return to the Baron Castle. Go to
the underground area in the east tower and find King Baron. When you fight Odin,
have Edge continuously use "Steal" until he successfully steals the augment. This
augment works just like the "Darkness" command Cecil has before he becomes a 

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game and save it. You can start a new session with a 
cleared saved game file with your previously obtained augments and other items.
Note: This can be done only a total of three times on the same cleared saved 
game file.

Ultima Spell:
There is an Ultima spell in the game but there is only one way to get it. First,
make sure you have given a total of three augments to Palom and Porom (give one 
to one of them and two to the other), After the Castle Baron battle against 
Cagnazzo, go back to Mysidia and talk to the Elder. If you gave them the three
augments, you will two copies of an augments called Twincast. Give one of these
to Cecil and the other to Rosa. Have them both use Twincast in battle and most
of the time they will cast Ultima, an extremely powerful spell. The two of 
them using Twincast is the ONLY way to use Ultima.

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