Fire Drill Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Fire Drill 
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 Fire Drill Cheats

Fire Drill

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH 

Use the following tips and hints to improve your game-play
for this game. 

Watch your meters:
The most important strategy to winning the game is 
to keep a close watch on your ammo and health meters. 
It can be very frustrating to suddenly run out of ammo 
and then have to backtrack through the office to find 
another fire extinguisher while the fireballs continue 
to spread. 

Choose your targets:
A large room full of flammable objects is considerably 
more dangerous than a single office, because a single 
fireball could ignite everything in the room in a very 
short period of time.  In contrast, once a fireball 
sets the few objects in the single office on fire, it 
must go searching for something else to set on fire.  
Quickly extinguish the large group of fires clustered 
together and the raging fires (colored red/yellow) before 
going after the smaller scattered fires. 

Cover your back:
The water cooler is a very valuable tool, especially in 
the more difficult levels.  You can use it to help contain 
an area while you direct your efforts elsewhere.   Also, 
it is good for preventing fireballs to circling around 
you and setting everything on fire that you just put out! 

Blast everything in sight:
Picking up the fire hose right before entering a room 
cram-packed full of fireballs will certainly save your 
health.  Ignore the fireballs and click on the flammable 
objects.  As you move within range of the target, it will 
automatically shoot all the fireballs that come close to 
you.  Be careful to keep moving, otherwise you’ll get 
burned by the fireballs.

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