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  Hints and Tips for: First Feudal 
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 First Feudal Cheats

First Feudal

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=Defense and Combat=-
Against tough opponents, I use a volley strat to prevent any 
peasant deaths.

First thing you want to do is to equip all your peasants with bows/crossbows.
V>Select peasant>Weapon:Long Range.

Make sure you have enough bow and arrows.

First Feudal - Comprehensive Guide

Black circle is archers. Blue line is how you want to draw aggro.

As soon as you start getting attacked, press G and ` (tilde).
Command your whole army to move to a open position. (X+Left Click) 
Do this outside of base so nothing gets destroyed.
Lead the enemy army into your peasant volley.
Before the enemies reach your archers OR when your archers run out of 
stamina, aggro the enemy army away.
Command your army to stand back in position again (X+Left Click).
Rinse and Repeat.

The strategy takes a bit of skill and kiting, so make sure to perfect it!

-=Bonus tips=- 
Just before the their army is in your volley range, input buffer all 
of your archers to attack the 3rd enemy from the front(Z+Left Click).
This is so they dont lose formation once the target (closest ) enemy 
dies. Before the enemies reach your archers, kite the enemies around 
so that they lose their stamina and all their sprints.

Using this method to kill them off is also good for resources, as you 
dont need to craft Armour.

Thats it!

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