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  Hints and Tips for: Fish Room Escape 
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 Fish Room Escape Cheats

Fish Room Escape

Submitted by: RM

1. Click on table. If you see closely, there’s a circular thing there. 
   Drag it and collect the first panel.Before you leave the table, look 
   at the chair on the upper right side. Collect the coin. 
2. Move left. Click on the white square on the white cabinet. Place the 
   piece from table there. 
3. Zoom out and click click the bottom left of cabinet. Collect the stick.
4. Zoom out and go left. Click on trash can, collect wires. Zoom out and 
   click under bed. Get nippers. 
5. Zoom out. Go left. Connect wire to stick and use it to collect second 
   panel behind shelves.Click bottom right of shelf to zoom in to the back
   of shelves.
6. Zoom out. Click on top of shelves. Get brush.
7. Zoom out. Click on left leg of the bench. Use nippers to collect paper.
8. Turn left again. Zoom in on flower pot. Use paper on the soil. Now you 
   have the password for the computer. 
9. Go to computer and enter password. Notice the number you get. 
10.Go to scene with bed. Click behind the headboard and use brush to sweep 
   away the dust so that you can collect the third panel.
11.Go to scene with the white cabinet. Place the last two pices and you will 
   get a four-ciphered number. Subtract the number you got from the computer, 
   and you will get the password for the door(3 ciphers).
12.Go to door. Zoom in on handle. Enter code and you are OUT!

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