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  Hints and Tips for: Fitness Dash 
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 Fitness Dash Cheats

Fitness Dash

Strategy Tips:
Submitted by: David K.

You can put someone on a machine even if they don't want to be there just to 
keep them from leaving. 
As you open up for the day, click on the juice and snack machine right away
so that things can be ready for you when you need it. 

Also get in the habit of clicking on the juice or snack machine after you've
taken something so that you always have a batch of that item available to you
right away. When 2 people want to use the same machines, place one on the 
machine and leave the other one at the mat so they will not lose patience by
waiting in line. 

Easy Points:
The bottles of water and the towels are graded separately when it comes to 
chaining so make sure that you pick up all the bottles or all the towels back
to back in order to get your max points. 

Make sure that you clean up the equipment after each customer or another customer
will not get on it. Try to clean several machines back to back so you can get 
chaining bonuses. 

Easy Money:
Pay attention to the sounds or the visual cues in the game. When you hear the
sound of ringing bells, it means that the ice cream man is in the gym, make sure
that you click on him and earn an extra 250 dollars.

Strength training:
Customers that need both cardio and strength training can use any machine, but
combo machines are most efficient! Also, some customers like to work out next 
to others. Learn placement preferences for a huge bonus!

Saving time:
* When you open for the day, click the juice and snack machines immediately so 
  that things can be ready when you need it. 
* Click on the juice or snack machine after taking something from them. By doing
  this you will always have a batch of that item immediately available if needed.

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