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  Hints and Tips for: Fizzball 
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 Fizzball Cheats


Submitted by: RM

Complete the indicated task to earn the corresponding trophy.

Air Freshener            : Rescue a skunk before anything gets sprayed.
Artful Dodger            : Capture an alien without getting hit by a laser.
Barrel of Monkeys        : Rescue 42 monkeys.
Big Bonus                : Achieve a perfect score on 1 bonus level.
Bird Brain               : Rescue every species of bird.
Bonus Blitz              : Achieve a perfect score on 3 bonus levels.
Bonus Bonanza            : Achieve a perfect score on all bonus levels.
Bronze Medal             : Reach 25,000 points.
Budding Environmentalist : Release no pollution on 1 level.
Cattle Rustler           : Rescue 30 cows.
Ducks in a Row!          : Rescue all ducklings after their mama duck.
Eco-Accuracy             : Release no pollution on a level without using the fans.
Environmental Guru       : Release no pollution on 10 levels.
Fan Finesse              : Complete a level without touching the bubble.
Flawless Few             : Complete 3 levels in a row without losing a bubble.
Flawless Fifteen         : Complete 15 levels in a row without losing a bubble.
Flawless Five            : Complete 5 levels in a row without losing a bubble.
Fuel Economy             : Complete a level without using the big engines.
Gold Medal               : Reach 1,000,000 points.
Green Machine            : Release no pollution on 25 levels.
Junior Fizzballer        : Complete 5 levels.
Master Fizzballer        : Complete all levels.
Money Maker              : Collect all the money on 5 levels.
Old Money Bags           : Collect all the money on 25 levels.
Penny Pincher            : Collect all the money on 1 level.
Quick Draw               : Complete a level in under 30 seconds.
Senior Fizzballer        : Complete 25 levels.
Silver Medal             : Reach 100,000 points.
Simply Smashing          : Break everything on a level.
Soft Touch               : Complete a level without breaking anything.
Speed Demon              : Complete 2 levels in a row in under 30 seconds each.
Super Shepherd           : Rescue 50 sheep.
The Ark Award            : Rescue 2 of each animal.
The Completist           : Win every other trophy.
Tree Hugger              : Complete a level without ever hitting a tree.
Wrecking Crew            : Break everything on 5 levels in a row.
Zoology 101              : Rescue 1 of each animal.

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