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  Hints and Tips for: Flying Heroes 
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 Flying Heroes Cheats

Flying Heroes

Cheat Codes:
During gameplay, enter any of the following "Codes":

Code           Result 
OMMALLUF     - Full Ammo 
HTLAEHLLUF   - Full Health 
ANAMLLUF     - Full Mana 
TSOOBERIF    - Fire Boost 
RATSLATEM    - Metal Star 
RETROPELET   - Teleporter 
KAOLC        - Cloak 
LERRABSAG    - Gas Barrel 
SENIMEX      - Xemines 
SENIMGA      - Agmines 
ELBISIVNI    - Invisible 
ETATNEIROSID - Disorientate 
NIARDICA     - Acid Rain 
NODDEGAMRA   - Armageddon 
DUOLCHTAED   - Death Cloud 
ERIFLLAF     - Fallfire 
LLABERIF     - Fireball 
LLABECI      - Iceball 
HSALF        - Flash 
ERIFTES      - Setfire 
DICAHSALPS   - Splash Acid 
LLAEZEERF    - Freeze All 

From the start of the game, borrow money from the loan 
shark to update your weapons stash. Your generic pea-shooters 
will dig you an early grave. 

Concentrate on snagging multiple speed power-ups. The bad 
guys can't shoot you if you're nimble. 

Circle-strafing works in 3D. 

Your angle of attack is limited; start your approach through 
holes in floors and ceilings. 

Characters who fly airships are wonderful targets. Take 
advantage of their bulk and lumbering speed.

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