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  Hints and Tips for: Food Girls 
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 Food Girls Cheats

Food Girls

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Perfect Ending Guide:
Written by Ponzu

Guide on how to unlock the Perfect Ending.
-=Quick Answer=-
* Youíll need a SSS rank and Lv27 for all characters. Thatís it, good luck.

The trick is to use your Hearts on Talk as much as possible and increase the Quality 
and Popularity with the Character Events. Thatís why you only need Quality over 1450 
and not over 1600.

-=Special Achievents=-
* Youíll need two Special Achievements because you need the extra points to get SSS rank.
* The Movie Award is easy and just keep giving money to the film makers until theyíll 
  ask for 50% of your total amount.
* The Tapioca Contest Award you need as least Quality: >1205 (no item bonus) for 
  Madoka by DAY48.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
Tips that might help from my experience playing through this game around 10 times 
or so trying to get the Perfect Ending.

* Have both EXP+ items (Donít forget to ďBuyĒ these)
* Have all the S rank character ending items at the start of the game
* Have the Angel item from the start of the game 
  (You get it by the Newspaper event at 70%)

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* On my playthrough I set the Angel item on Hikari. With the Angel item set on Hikari 
  you can ignore all the karma events that cost money and choose to get cheaper food 
  from the Mafia.
* Ignore Hikari until Ruru and Madoka are around Lv24. (It might be easier if you 
  just finish Lv27 events for Ruru and Madoka first to lose the Popularity and Quality 
* Make sure to have Madokaís Quality >1205 (no item bonus) by DAY48 to win the 
  Tapioca Contest
* choose Ruruís Lv24 event because she will become super lazy until the Lv27 event 
  is unlocked. (Thereís is a weird bug where if you finish Ruruís Lv27 event the 
  laziness will disappear but after Hikariís Lv27 event Ruru will become super 
  lazy again.)

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