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  Hints and Tips for: Football Tactics RPG 
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 Football Tactics RPG Cheats

Football Tactics RPG

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How Actions Are Calculated:
Written by _K_o_S_

-=Heading ability and goalkeeper's defece=-
Before reading about further mechanics, learn how basic characteristics are calculated.

In any situation which uses a head (finishing the crosses. intercepting the lofted passes, 
fight in the air) there is only one way of calculation:
* Heading ability of any footballer = 50
* +25 for every level of the talent "Head Play"

When goalkeepers defend from the headers, they use their fists and their ability to 
choose the right position. So they use other characteristics.

When defending from the headers their potential is equal to:
* Control attribute (including GK's bonus 1.5?)
* +25 for every level of the "Playing Out" talent

The logic behind these numbers is very easy. So when you figure it out once, you will be 
able to easily understand what your footballers can do in the match and what opponent's 
goalkeepers can do against your headers.

-=Calcullation of the crosses=-
When performing a cross, the system compares a Passing attribute of the passer and the
Cross factor. 

If the passer rolled the higher number, the cross will successful. If the number is 
lesser, the ball will fly to a random surrounding tile. 
No one will be able to hit the ball.

-=Calculation of hitting the ball=-
After the cross is performed, the forwards try to hit the ball in order to score a goal, 
but defenders try to kick the ball out.

They roll the potential of Heading ability. The rolled number compares to the Cross factor.

If a footballer rolled the higher number he will hit the ball. Otherwise - the ball will 
fly further, and the next footballer will try to hit it.

As the Cross factors are quite small, in the most cases the first footballer on the ball's 
trajectory will hit the ball.

If a forward hit the ball but rolled 10% or less of his Heading ability - the ball will 
miss the goal.

The Heading ability gets a distance penalty if a footballer tris to hit the ball from 
the second or third row. Second row: -15, third row: -30.

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